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13 Work at Home Skills You Can Learn This Year to Change Careers

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13 Work at Home Skills You Can Learn This Year to Change Careers

work at home skills you can learn this year

Feel the need to change up your surroundings? Maybe it’s time to learn some new work at home skills. Get some suggestions from our top 13 list.

Having a well-established and promising career is not just limited to a corporate workplace. Even at home, you can possibly fulfill this for as long as you have the skills needed for a particular job and, of course, the dedication to work, commit yourself to continuous learning and succeed eventually. Anybody can have a work and earn at home job because now, real money and a promising career can be established and nurtured even at the four corners of the home.

Although individuals were used to seeing employees typically reporting for work and going back home after work, there are still a lot more when it comes to ways of earning than the typical 9 to 5 office jobs. Now more than ever, employees begin transitioning from the usual work settings to being house workers, and yet, the money and fulfillment they gain is just the same or even more than working outside the home.

So, are you ready for a remote-friendly yet excellent career change? If yes, there are home skills that you need to learn and master in order to facilitate this significant career transformation. The following are the 13 work at home skills you must learn for an exciting and lucrative career change:

Lawful Transcriptions

This is the very first work from home job made available for those looking for one of the best work from home opportunities. As a legal typist, you can work on recording and typing depositions. You will need a foot pedal, transcribing software and headset to deal with this kind of work at home skill. There are actually those that are associated with companies hiring legal typists regularly. A person does not usually need prior experience to get hired but it would be best if he or she will be associated with relevant training since training helps in making a person a more effective and competent typist.

In the world of transcriptions, having relevant training can be an advantage and will open the door for opportunities like earning more. So, before you jump into this world, check on the Legal Transcription courses available for free. After that, certain individuals can assess and determine if skills in transcriptions are suitable work at home skills for you and if you have the capabilities to fulfill the job.

General Proofreading

Contents fill the online world. Taking online, for instance. There are about a billion websites offering overwhelming pieces of information that individuals can access each and every day. There are contents of information that are not published and carefully examined prior to going live.  The process of examining and evaluating this information and contents requires dedicated proofreaders.


General proofreading is also one of the work at home skills that you must learn if you are thinking about a career change. As a proofreader, you will have to work diligently on articles, eBooks, web contents, blog posts and more and find any possible mistakes or errors in punctuations, spelling and sentence structures.

If you are confident that you really have what it takes to read all day long and look for errors in a given content, then general proofreading is for you. You can fulfill this kind of work and earn decent income even if you’re working in the comfort of your own home. You can participate in webinars particularly organized for proofreaders.

Copywriting and Copy Editing

Nowadays, manufacturers and business owners are willing to pay for individuals who can get their products or services’ information out there. This kind of job is usually being outsourced to copy editors and copywriters.

The primary role of a copywriter is crafting content that sells. As a copywriter, you must consider the internet sites, product descriptions, sales pages, email messages and more. If messages or information are relayed the right way, customers will surely be convinced to buy and to keep buying consistently.

Effective copywriting is among work at home skills you need to explore and learn. But of course, you somehow need to have the skills and passion for doing this kind of work. To improve your skills and efficiency, try attending mastery classes and gain insights as to what is really copywriting and all that’s associated with it is really all about.

Client Service

In the list of work at home skills, customer program is probably one of the most popular. There is an abundance of customer care job opportunities that you can take advantage of and work on your own phase and own place. Starting from Fortune 500 companies to startups, all types of businesses actually accept virtual call facilities.

Remote client service professionals generally receive inbound calls through their personal computers. Calls might be something about common inquiries up to the billing issues or anything in between. This actually depends on the line of functions or specialization of the companies. If you wanted to improve your resume, consider taking an extensive and effective course focused on customer service mastery.

Common Transcriptions

This is another entry-level work at home job worth considering. If you can type accurately and quickly, you may be great when it comes to general transcribing. But, keep in mind that this work requires a significant level of skills such as excellent listening skills and typing what’s exactly being said. In order to become more effective and successful, you will need a solid grasp of the structures of sentences and must have the ability to multitask.

There are lots of general transcriptions jobs giving newbies the chance to start up. If you want some transition in your career, you can consider being a transcriptionist. However, you somehow need the training to become better and more effective in this kind of job. There are companies offering great general transcription course that you can easily subscribe to. By attending such a course, you will be able to learn all the important things you need to learn and establish a more effective and promising typing career even at home.

Healthcare Transcriptions

It has been said that medical transcriptions are a more specialized type linked with transcription. You need some solid learning for you to be considered for these works at home jobs. Healthcare typists usually deal with complex cases and tricky terminologies but with proper knowledge, they can easily work on these.

Transcripts produced by a person as medical typists are imperative components of the medical records of patients. These transcripts should, therefore, be a hundred percent precise. Though you might need formal training to get this remote work, this is also something that you can learn and master at home.


book keeper work at home skills

Regardless of how small or large companies are, bookkeeping is an important task to do. But in many instances, smaller companies don’t consider getting a full-time bookkeeper as a practical choice. Small businesses rather choose to outsource this task to a digital bookkeeper.

Virtual bookkeeping is considered one of the most lucrative work at home skills. With lower overhead costs and lots of work opportunities offered, there’s no doubt that this is considered one of the most profitable works.

Bookkeepers are not always required to have formal training unlike the accountants. Numerous bookkeepers actually learn through taking a special course or by means of on the job education. Take time to search for the best learning opportunity to help you get started. There are free introduction series for beginners and aspiring bookkeepers that you can consider if you are seriously into these work at home skills.

FB Ad Pro

You are probably one of the many who spend a lot of time on Facebook. If individuals are on FB all throughout the day, brands and companies are also on Facebook most of the time. They make use of this social media platform in marketing their products, interacting with potential customers, and giving responses to inquiries and even complaints.

But there’s a component on Facebook that many individuals are not yet completely acquainted to such as Facebook Advertisements. This Ad system is a proven excellent way of getting bloggers, brands and businesses a credible image and outstanding products and services they offer to clients. FB can be a paid platform that helps in driving new clients and sales provided that these activities are done properly.

There are instances that things can be tricky, so many companies try to outsource their FB ads to experts in the field. These pave the way for the creation of effective strategies and campaigns geared towards obtaining shares and likes. Upon completing relevant training, you will be capable of working and enjoying all these highly sought after benefits. Excellent work at home jobs can begin at home as well.

Digital Assistant

Digital assistant is another great, highly-sought after skill for work at home jobs. Starting from online analysis, calendar administrations, and even email answering and more are tasks that can be performed by virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can assist in your daily operations. They can also respond to emails and assist you with creating visuals, doing keyword research and help you along with your social networking.

If you think that you are excellent in this kind of job, then being a virtual assistant might be perfect for you. This is one of the ideal career paths for work at home that you might want to take and explore. This work opportunity continues to grow, and there are no signs that it will stop anytime soon. To make the most of this opportunity, you should consider undertaking further education to become a virtual assistant. In such a way, it would be easier for you to market, advertise and sell your services as a pro that also works at home.

Graphic Designer

Designs are everywhere. It can be designs of products, buildings, items, and even designs of web pages. People are surrounded by designs. But you might agree when someone says there’s a big difference with good and bad designs. Manufacturers and businesses, therefore, make sure that their designs will just speak on how unique, reputable and successful they are.

It is for this reason that they allow a third party or someone experienced and skilled to handle the design process. They are willing to hire someone who can work on the design process objectively and ensure innovativeness and performance as well. Graphic designing is indeed one of the great work at home skills that you need to learn and master if you want some fresh career change. Graphic design is proven to be a very profitable undertaking. This is something that you can learn and as soon as you’ve obtained the necessary skills and knowledge, you can even start working at home in a few weeks.

Pinterest Assistant

Pinterest is one of the most popular search engine used by millions of men and women most of the time. Pinterest offers broad reach, and numerous brands and companies use Pinterest positively with the aim of locating and attracting new customers and generating sales. Just like other social media platforms helping individuals get their business online and make it available and accessible, Pinterest can also pull your business big time and give it the needed exposure. No wonder, companies and businesses are open with the idea of delegating tasks to Pinterest assistants.

Pinterest assistants can make promoted hooks, pin-worthy graphics, new team boards, and more. Being a Pinterest assistant is one of those work at home skills that can be discovered and learned easily even at home. Are you ready to embrace this highly in-demand career? If yes, you can get started anytime.

Medical Invoicing and Coding Pro

The industry of healthcare is now booming, and this field is expected to grow more in the coming years in a quicker manner. Though some individuals do not really think that healthcare can be a remote job. This is a job linked with telecommute options such as medical coding and medical billing.

Medical billing and coding pros provide unique labels to surgical procedures of patients. These are mainly used in documenting insurance claims. This job is highly in demand, and as a matter of fact, it has been found out that there are more healthcare code and billing jobs available right now so if you would like to change your career and shift into the healthcare field, you will surely find confidence and contentment working on invoicing, billing and coding.

This opportunity also allows you to work from home. To benefit from this excellent job option, you better have that needed training and qualifications. The good thing is that there are reliable online programs that you can take and complete in no time so you can begin working. There are programs that work with remotely friendly companies and help individuals find the right job opportunity upon completing the programs.

Real Property Assistant

real estate agent work at home skills

Realtors are one of those busiest individuals in the world. They track down potential deals, discuss offers, close deals, and more. With the overwhelming loads of works of realtors, they came to realize the need for a helping hand. This is where real property assistants come to play.

This is one of the work at home skills that you can learn in no time. This tends to be so popular, especially these days that virtual assistants have become the mainstream. Real estate assistants can assist in responding to emails, collecting important documents and keeping in touch with property buyers and sellers as well. The best part of this is that you really do not need to earn a license to get started. You can refer to some handbooks to learn more about this career and start learning today.

These are the 13 work at home skills that you can learn these days easily. You can make use of these in transforming your career and make it even better. It is never too late to learn these skills and make decent money out of it. Work at home skills or jobs is rapidly increasing and becoming in demands and this is expected to develop and improve more in the coming years.

As a rule of thumb, the more skills you have, the more chances for great earning opportunities. It is, therefore imperative to learn and understand more about work at home skills available for you and suited for your work opportunities needs. Take advantage of these skills in driving improvement not just in terms of your career but also your personal improvement.

Never waste an opportunity like these. Even at home, you can still make use of your skills to earn while serving clients at the same time. Many individuals have become very appreciative of the opportunities to work in the comfort of their own homes because of the flexibility and convenience it brings. Now is the best time to shift to this work at home career opportunity. You will be surprised how you can have a booming career even if you are just working in your own place. 

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