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4 Questions To Ask Before You Hire An App Developer

4 Questions To Ask Before You Hire An App Developer

how to hire an app developer

It’s easy to hire an app developer after looking at their portfolio for 5 minutes. You think they’re the greatest dev in the world and need to hire them now.

I myself have had this issue like you. I had great success in finding great app developers, but not after much money wasted as well as trial and error. It’s spread across the internet that so many people blow up all thanks to their app developer. This is common within the startup industry. This is so far from the truth though and very misleading. I wanted to offer a quick guide to people so you can avoid this myth and be on your way to success. 

1. What is your experience in the app development industry?

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Knowing somebody’s experience within the app industry is one of the most important points when choosing to hire an app developer. Is there a new company that has a reputable entrepreneur in charge? What if you’re interested in the said company? You need to consider expertise between these 3 areas.

  • The company
  • The founder, Managing Director or CEO
  • The apps they’ve built

Check out the about section among other things on the app developers’ business website. For an app developer to stand out, you’re looking for a clearly stated company history including when it was founded as well as other significant dates. What’s also important to look for is their innovative direction and who is on the head team. Also, remember to compare this info against LinkedIn to check authenticity. 

The founder, managing director, or CEO or the business…do your research! Are they well known and have been within their local tech industry for long? This is where your personal preference may come in for when it comes to choosing. All different teams will come at projects from different angles. These different angles could be strong commercial, creative, or technical background.

Wrapping up, for sure check out the apps they’ve built. These are usually highlighted within their portfolio. However, some apps aren’t open to the public. All you need to do is simply ask for access. Now ask yourself, are they basic template apps, or do they include integrations and increasingly complex aspects? You’ll likely be intrigued in their expertise in creating solutions for reputable brands as well as startups. Also, if they have an app that works similarly to your concept, then this is of course great!

2. What is your reputation as an app developer

hire an app developer good reputation

Thank you internet, you’ve made my life so much easier due to customer review sites for service-focused companies. A lot of these reviews are also verified legit.


Clutch is a new player in the game. Don’t let this full you though as they offer very powerful services. Their platform offers B2B research, reviews, and ratings. Furthermore, they also offer in-depth client reviews, verified market leaders, and data-driven content. Lastly, they also offer a leader group for app development businesses around the globe.

Also, realize the importance of Google reviews too. Are their reviews spread out over time or all in one period? Well, reputable businesses will, of course, have positive reviews healthily spread out over the history of their company. Respected companies should also have client testimonials shown on their website. Watch several of them to see if there’s a close relationship between the total amount of business and the number of testimonials. A company with a close 1:1 ratio of testimonials compared to their total business is a very good sign.

3. Do you have experience with my preferred platform?

You should always complete a deep understanding of the problem, audience, and goals. After this, it’s more appropriate to start looking at which platform you’d prefer when you hire an app developer. This is something you want to be straight up about with your potential partner.

It’s important to understand each app developer’s personal preference. Sure, there are programs for app developers to write code once which is then deployable to both IOS and Android. But, it’s always important to respect the developer’s choice. They still may stand out enough even if separate code will be written for both IOS and Android. You may just want to publish on Android as there are 2.5 billion monthly active users recorded on May 7, 2019, compared to IOS with only 1.4 billion active monthly users reported in the first quarter of 2019. App developers commonly specialize in one platform over another. So, definitely consider this when you hire an app developer. Somebody who’s used to making iPhone apps may not understand the different design aspects for Android or know how to take full advantage of the hardware.

Another thing to consider as well is web apps. Does your target app development company mention this? You may be lucky and not end up needing an iPhone or Android app. This would allow users to quickly and easily access your web app from a desktop or mobile internet browser. Not to mention, getting a web view app developed is extremely cheap as well. So, you could get your web app built then hire a freelancer to make a web view version of your app. You can trust pretty much any freelancer on a reputable platform like Fiverr because it’s quite an easy and simple process.

4. How much will it cost and when is the earliest you can deliver?hire an app developer cost time quality


The old saying goes strong in the app development industry, you get what you pay for. There are platforms like the previously mentioned Fiverr however. There, your Canadian or American dollar is worth far more to those in India for example. There are plenty of seasoned web and app developers from India offering services there. Just remember to always check reviews, see if there are gaps in their reviews and for samples as well.

There are great websites like howmuchtomakeanapp. Here you’ll get a rough idea of how much an app will cost to make. Keep in mind these are tier 1 country prices, so hiring a reputable freelancer on various platforms from India would be a lot cheaper.

Don’t choose your developer purely on price either. They’ll likely end up taking shortcuts and you’ll end up having to hire another app developer to fix their mistakes or worse start from scratch. This mindset usually costs you more money in the long run. So sure, have your price range but don’t choose somebody purely based on price.

Instead, you should be looking at all the previous things mentioned in the above-numbered list. Also, inquire if the company can offer you collateral to make you potentially invest more. Secondly, would they consider a partnership with you? Lastly, can the app development process have different stages?

To wrap up, be cautious when you hire an app developer that agrees to a timeline that you yourself know is tight. Always ask for a typed out timeline of how they’re going to achieve your timeline. If the potential app developer seems like a yes man (or woman), you’re likely in for delays among other troubles.


I hope you learned something!

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