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7 Best Micro Task Sites That Are Actually Worth It

7 Best Micro Task Sites That Are Actually Worth It


best micro task sites that are worth it

What are the micro job sites?

In today’s world, it becomes hard for everyone to gather a job with respect to the demands which are being outsourced at the market. This is why micro job sites can be the real winner. Micro job sites are those where employers will post work which can get done in a matter of  minutes. These are the sites that help the workers to earn money in a jiffy. Plus, once you are done with your work, there are no long term commitments uphold. Keep reading to find out our top 7 best micro tasks sites that are actually worth it.

How do micro job sites work? 

To know more about the micro job sites and how they work, here is something which you need to know at first.  

With the help of micro job sites, employers are leaning towards crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing jobs are usually what you’ll come across when on micro task websites. This is the perfect way to get their work done at minimal pay. The good thing is you can choose what tasks you want to complete. These jobs are rather simple to do and there is no on-hand training that you have to go in for this kind of job. It can be just done with the help of just simple techniques.

Here is how the micro job sites work.  

  1. Firstly, the job is posted onto the site. The employer will give you the required details in the description. Once the details are shared from the employer’s end, you can start to understand as to how you can do said tasks. 
  2. It will also require you to submit your account details on time. Once you are done with the work, the employer will take your details and then they will add the amount directly to your account. It will be good enough for you since it will help you to understand the basics and then you can get the easy money and deposit right on time.

How do micro tasks websites benefit you?

Here are some of the benefits to assist you in choosing micro job sites. 

  1. Doing micro jobs online will help you to earn as much as you want. Do you only want  part-time work done while you are sitting at your office all day? If you are sure about that, then you don’t have to worry. Doing these amazing micro jobs will help you to get more than you can imagine.  

You should know, in the beginning, you’ll only be earning a few dollars an hour. However, after you build up your reputation on the site, you will qualify for higher paying tasks. With these higher paying tasks, you can sometimes earn $20, $30 or even $40 just from sitting in the comfort of your own home.

  1. And most importantly, they are fun enough for you to do. Once you are starting to divide your attention to these amazing jobs, you will find out how good enough they are for you. And once you are done your work for the day it will feel great. Just seeing your account balance go higher and higher each day is quite rewarding. 

There is something which you have to understand. Available micro job tasks aren’t always in high volume. So, it is always necessary that you find something which is reliable. Don’t give your trust to some random site which does not guarantee you the payment.

How to negotiate the cost with your employer on these micro job sites?

Negotiating the whole cost and rate with your employer on these job sites is important. For this, you need to have a calm mind so that you can only choose the one which helps you and your developer to work around with.


Make sure that there is no competition

When you are finally there to negotiate the rate while looking for a job, then you have to understand that there is no competition. No one will win when they are doubling the rates. Let go of the feeling that you will emerge as a winner after you have negotiated with the worker. You need to settle down and come in par with the terms that they have set for you.

While most micro task job sites pay a set rate for each completed task, I do have one suggestion. Once you find a specific client you find you’re always working for, reach out to them. Write them a message stating that you like completing work for them and was wondering if you could negotiate a higher pay rate for each task. If you have better quality than the average person, you stand a good chance of getting a slight raise per task completed.

Research about the provider before you negotiate

It is essential that you research the company when you are about to settle on a deal. It will help you to gain the upper hand in this matter. Whether you are outsourcing from a single employee or several virtual assistants for your business, it is essential that you research the agency that they are working from. Consider their past work by digging up some proof for the recent work that they have done. It will help you to understand their standard rates.  

Best micro job sites that you should consider working for

best micro task sites that are actually worth it

Here is the list of the 11 best micro task sites that are actually worth it.


This amazing place is more than what you can imagine. Personally, Fiverr is a perfect choice for those who are looking to serve as a micro worker. If you are skilled at small work and tasks then you can do the same with these amazing gigs which you can post to Fiverr. 

How to do the work here?

First, you need to post your gigs to get sales. With a new seller account you start out with 7 free gig slots. I highly recommend maxing these out as soon as possible. You ideally want to have a niche focused account in the long run. However, in the beginning you want a general account for 2 reasons. To begin with, you want to spread yourself so you can pick up reviews more easily. Also, you get to figure out what type of work you could see yourself doing for a while.

If you’re having a hard time thinking of gig ideas, check out 20 easy ways to make money on fiverr with no skills.

Marketing your Fiverr account

There are many different ways to market your Fiverr account. The one that should be focused on first is on-page SEO. This is because the majority of your purchasing traffic is going to be coming from Fiverr. Outside sources don’t generally convert well, so don’t focus on off-page SEO until you’re established on Fiverr.

The most important on-page SEO strategy is your gig description’s copywriting. This is what people read after they click on your gig. This is your chance to stand out from your competitors. Of course, potential customers won’t click through to your gig if your gig title and image aren’t up to snuff. 

Use Canva.com to make attractive gig images. You can also grab some stock free photos from Pexels.com. Make sure you make your dimensions for your image on canva 1380×852 to meet Fiverr’s guidelines.

When you’re first creating your gig you want to keyword stuff your title. Use commas to separate your keywords. This is because your original title will be your permanent slug or URL extension. After you’ve published your gig, go ahead and change it to what you deem appropriate.

These 3 things alone should help your sales start to pick up in no time. If you’re struggling to get reviews in the beginning then I recommend getting some friends and family to purchase your gigs to get some initial stars. Lastly, you need to realize that making money online takes time no matter what model you use. So, just stick with Fiverr, make your way through the sellers levels, and you’ll be on your way soon enough.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

amazon mechanical turk is worth doing

This is another site that can be perfectly used for finding the best micro job sites. This amazing site lets you do the work right on time and in a selective manner so that you don’t have to face any type of issue. Plus the payment here is flexible because all you have to do is to make sure that you get paid with the help of various Amazon gift cards and those which are directly added to your balance. You can also get paid in cash if you prefer.

What does the work entail?

  • Make sure that you have enough knowledge about the works that you are applying for. This is because, since this site is a bit technical, you have to know the kind of jobs that are posted here. Once you are accustomed to the fact, it will become good enough for you.
  • Then you need to understand the preference of the job given. Most of the jobs which come at AMT will ask you to find the address of some people and ask you to reply from the supplier’s end to the customer FAQ.
  • The payment here is flexible as you will be getting a lot of work done and it will be paid directly to your online balance.
  • The payment starts out quite low, only a few dollars per hour. However, after you build up your reputation levels on the site, you’ll be able to earn more and more from each task.


SEOClerks is just like regular work, but the only difference is, you will conduct your job remotely. This means that it is an independent contractor who provides the whole work or the administrative service to the clients while they are operating outside of the client’s office. They have a typical form of a home office where they conduct their work. It is a remote-based job that they do for their clients like setting up meetings and clearing the client’s schedule for various other reasons.

How to do the work there?

  • Make sure that you are doing this amazing work with the designation of an independent worker and nothing else. If you can do the work on time then only your work will be paid. 
  • Understand the payment method and then you can proceed. Once you get the work, it will be easy for you to complete it at the right time which is designated. And then when you are done, you can inform the employer and then they will get the money transferred.
  • Similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk, you’ll get paid only a few dollars per hour in the beginning. Once you go up in reputation levels, you’ll unlock the ability to earn more. Take note though, that you can’t make as much from SEOClerks than Amazon Mechanical Turk. However, SEOClerks has instant approval allowing you to get started right away. 
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk can take some time to get accepted to begin working. Also, if you don’t like in the USA, good luck getting accepted. People claim you can work for Amazon Mechanical Turk in Canada. But, this seems like total bs as I’ve been on the waiting list for 3 years now.

Evanta Studios

In the new sphere of business, this amazing site has become more prominent in the whole job sphere due to the advent and the increase of the internet on a daily basis. These people are gaining more leads into the jobs with the providence of the same benefits from their clients, and instead of working at their office, they conduct the work on the basis of the remote source. This amazing site is well-built, mostly for those who are into the line of designing and graphic work.

How to do the work here?

  • It is like placing your basic gig and then getting the work done. You have to understand that this site is mainly dependent on the idea of placing gigs for those who are interested in the graphic line. So if you know the series of video editing, theme graphic, and others then you are rather welcomed to this amazing site.
  • Being one of the best micro paying job sites for graphic designers, make sure that you are always having a negotiable deal with the employer at first. Understand the work and then execute on it. If you take the work then make sure to get the money before hand. If the employer is hesitant on this then you can always ask them to get half of the pay at first. 
  • Then once you are done with the same, you will have to finish the project. Once you are done with the work, it will help you to get the other half of the money. It is simple and easy for you to handle. But be very cautious when you are getting the deal from a variety of employers.  
  • Some of the graphic design work can be a bit difficult on Evanta Studios. However, there is still a very good amount of work that can simply be completed on Canva.com within 10-15 minutes.


clickworker is worth it

Clickworker has a lot of ranges and services which depend on the factors which are given below so here we are to dive later with the scope of this article. The work which is handled to the workers is to be done easily but it readily depends on the type of assistant that you have selected for your work. Per hour rate is the main factor here which is selected on to the basis of the work done. Depending on what they can do, they can produce an amount which can be comfortable with both needs. This can be matched with the deal of negotiation.

How to do the work here?

  • Clickworker is fun for you to use. There are a ton of jobs which are posted here and then you can try them out, regarding what you can do and what might be difficult for you.
  • The payment method here is done with the help of PayPal. So if you have a PayPal account then it can perfectly work out for you. If you have a bank account then don’t share the details on your profile. Make sure that the employer is credible enough to handle your information. 
  • And the best thing about this site is that it contains a ton of opportunities and features for you to try out. Amazingly, this site is mainly for those who are always looking for a fun way to engage in a variety of jobs.
  • The pay is very similar to SEOClerks with the same ease of being accepted.


Every company out there has their own ethics and business goals. So during the time of hiring a good worker, it is essential to take care of these goals and take the work from there. The employer has to understand the purpose of the business should correlate to the work. The business goals that you have will relate to the need, and therefore, it can be better in the long run as well. It is not only the skill that matters while hiring them but the personality they procure as well. Crowdsource is one such site where the workers are entertained with a ton of legit micro jobs that are good enough for them.

How to do the work here?

  • The whole interface for Crowdsourced is amazing. You don’t have to work hard to get any job here. This is done with the help of the right indication so that you can choose something that you like and then get started with the work. 
  • Make sure that you choose the job which you will like. Only the work which is entertained from your end is allowed here. Otherwise, it is of no use to take the work since if it gets delayed, it will be canceled.
  • Talking to the employer here about your role can help you. Make sure that you are completely diligent about your payment because most of the time, the payment is done with the help of an online network. 
  • The payment system is better than most of the other sites which are listed here. This site will get the payment done once the work is approved. 
  • Also, the threshold for pay is much higher on Crowdsource. If you’re a natural, you can easily make over $20, even $40 per hour completed simple repetitive tasks like photo verification.


This amazing place is for those freelancers who are always trying to find something good for their work and even for part-time. This place is managed out straight for those who are trying to earn the best while they are freelancing. So once you become and dab into this line of work, this amazing micro job site will help you to earn better and smarter so that you can work along with the long term job which you have and it will help you to have a better perspective.

How to do the work here?

  • TrueLancer is an amazing sight and you can find so many prospective here while you are finding your job. Once you get the work done, it will be easier for you to get the basic from here and source out the right intent which can help you to hand over the best project. 
  • This amazing site is meant for those who are always trying to explore. This perfect site lets you explore the variety of opportunities that are posted here.
  • And about the payment? You don’t have to worry. Once you are done with your work, the payment will be done on a priority basis to your PayPal account. 
  • Truelancer is a very established company. The great thing about this is you’ll be paid very soon after you submit a withdrawal request. You can expect your payment into Paypal almost instantly.

Choose the one which you find is reliable

Now that we have made a list of options for you to check the sites which you think is reliable, make sure that you are regulative of the work. Finding an online micro paying job is easy but you always have to come up with the best bids and deals to the employers so that they can trust you. Once you put out the right thing on the market, it will become an easier option for you to brag the deal in just a few days.

It can be quite rewarding to work for one of these micro task sites. These are great sites for earning some side income. The side income you earn can be funneled into starting some reliable businesses. You can read our blog to find some of these online business methods.

I hope this post on 7 best micro task sites that are actually worth it helped you take action. If you learned something,  share this article with your followers. I’m sure it will be a great read for them.

Want to share your story? Feel free to contact us. We could end up writing a blog article about how you got to where you are now.

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