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Best Remote Career Coaching Services

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Best Remote Career Coaching Services

how to find a remote job fast

Career coaches can help you find a remote job. So we’ve narrowed down our recommended services. Read our best remote career coaching services post now.

Some more interesting services can also include helping you build your internet presence, go through interview training, and even help you build your own personal brand. If you’ve just started your remote job search, I highly recommend taking advantage of these coaching services. You have to realize that a remote job search is not at all similar to a regular job search. You will not be able to see an interviewer or manager in person, personally hand over your resume and cover letter, or complete an application. Continue reading to discover the best remote career coaching services.

Rather, you’ll have to be aware of how to find a remote job, how to stand out as the best choice among hundreds of applicants and to take advantage of online networking like a champ.

1. Question & Answer Meeting

career coach helping woman find a remote job

It’s often helpful to ask somebody a decent amount of deep topic-related questions. Such is specifically what a question & answer meeting with a career coach will land you. You can set an appointment time with them to ask all the questions that have been driving you nuts running over and over again in your head.

For those of you that hope to find a remote job, this is extremely helpful. I’m sure you have plenty of questions similar to:

  • Do I possess the required skills to work from home?
  • What type of work from home positions can I actually get hired for?
  • What companies actually hire work from home employees?
  • How do I not get scammed, pulled into MLM, or other sketchy positions?
  • What kind of work from home position is worth trying for myself?


After completing a meeting with a career coaching specialist, either through phone or online video call, you come away with:

  • Confidence in proper job search tactics
  • A well thought out plan to convert to reality
  • Better clarity with your required employment standards
  • Distinct work from home goals
  • Find a remote job, is it right for you?
  • And more…


It’s common for people just getting into the remote working world to waste a lot of time Googling “work from anywhere” “find a remote job” and similar. Sadly, the info presented on the web isn’t always in your best interest or even authentic. Occasionally, you could even discover a scam opportunity.

It’s best to skip this whole pointless rabbit hole by speaking with a career coach about working from home. Afterward, you’ll know more clearly if working from home is the right choice for you and what steps you need to take.

2. Resume & Cover Letter Services

career coach resume writing services

It’s common for people to think if a resume and cover letter even matter anymore? From my research and from speaking with many career coaches, I can conclude they do still matter. It’s just a different game now.

Before, it was your resume and cover letter that was the main factor in landing you an interview and finally the job. Usually, you’d mail them into HR or hand them out in person.

But, as you know, a remote job search doesn’t simply work this way. Rather, your resume and cover letter are only 1 piece of the puzzle when it comes to your find a remote job search plan.

They’re both still essential. Usually, it’s your 1st opportunity for a hiring manager to know you exist and are interested in the job. You’ll also have to worry about getting past robot resume filters.

Resume Filtering Robots

Nowadays, it’s common for companies to depend on Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to take care of the hiring process. It’s common for a corporate job offer to get over 250 applicants. It’s easier for a company to sift through the plethora of applications using ATS. Usually, resumes and cover letters are scanned for keywords that fit the job offer through ATS. Then, it’s forwarded to the hiring team if enough key phrases match. Comparatively, if none or not enough key phrases match up, then it’s trashed – never to be seen again.

Of course, you want your application to be forwarded to the hiring team by getting past ATS. To get through ATS, it’s a great idea to get a career coach’s insight and expertise. They can make your resume and cover letter stand out. This will make it more likely to land you an interview and of course get past ATS.

Getting More Precise

Career coaches could also provide rewriting services to promote specific remote skills that businesses are looking for. This can really make you stand out as a potential ideal candidate even if you’ve never worked remotely before.

Your resume and cover letter may be to blame if you’ve never heard back from work from home employment opportunities. Using a career coach will beef up your remote job application to land a work anywhere job faster.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin find a remote job aid from career coach

It’s estimated that around 70% of all job opportunities never even get posted. Rather, employers depend on word of mouth referrals and promotions from within the organization to fill open spots. This means if you’re currently not working for a company that offers work from home jobs, you’re required to network to improve your chances of getting referred for a work from anywhere position.

LinkedIn is the best social network to connect with people working remotely. You can gather vital info from current work from home employees such as open positions and work culture.

But, to do this, you need to stand out on LinkedIn. This requires a bit of work on your part. You not only want your LinkedIn profile to look and read professional, but you also need it to be optimized. This will allow potential connections to find you.


Employers, recruiters, possible connections, and hiring managers are continuously scanning your LinkedIn profile for matched key phrases similar to your resume . By optimizing your profile for the work from home position you want, you more commonly pop up in the search results when companies look for hiring someone.

LinkedIn profile optimization is one of the most worthwhile investments a career coach can offer you. Something to look for in a career coach is their ability to make your LinkedIn profile readable and show up in search. There are also a few easy ways to show employers you’re currently for hire, including work from home job opportunities.

You can go bonkers trying to perfect the most ideal headline or curate a summary that stands out. So, that’s why I recommend hiring a career coach to do this for you instead and get you results fast.

Other Related Services To Consider

find a remote job other options

While the 3 tips above are what I consider to be the most important, they’re not your only options.

Other related services for future work from home employees include:

  • Portfolio/Resume Website
  • Company Targeting
  • Informational Interviews
  • Personal Branding

Keep in mind that a work from home job search is unique. Most of what we’ve learned about regular job searching does not transfer well to work from anywhere searches. I’d recommend hiring a Certified Professional Career Coach instead of going at it on your own. Make sure they’re known for finding remote working positions to help land your sought after dream job.

I feel like I’ve provided quite a great “best remote career coaching services” post. If you have any further questions, I will try my best to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

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