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Best Ways To Make Money In A World Crisis

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Best Ways To Make Money In A World Crisis

Whether it’s the 2008 recession or a pandemic like COVID-19, there’s always going to be upcoming market crashes. Read now to discover the best ways to make money in a world crisis.

Hopefully, you’re reading this after COVID-19 has surpassed us. This article is still an amazing resource to help prepare you for the next inevitable market crash. The global pandemic COVID-19 has forced everyone to lock themselves in their house. Many countries have gone into a full lockdown mode, which will have a severe impact on the economy. It means that you cannot go to your work and the companies must fire some of the staff to recover the loss due to the lockdown. It might be difficult for you to manage your financial issues during the global crisis. 

Well, there are some ways by which you can make money outside of your regular jobs. No matter what your skillset is, as you can try out various types of jobs to make more money. You have to start looking for different types of job options available on the Internet. Consider trying out the best ways of making money online. This will ensure that you find a job that does not take a lot of time and helps you to get additional cash every month.

You can learn about various types of things that can help you to make money during the global crisis. You can work from home and make money online. 

How to make money during this coronavirus lockdown period?

Work as a copywriter

earn money as a copywriter

If you want to learn how to make money online in 3 days, then you can start to work as a copywriter. All the teachers, who are out of a job, can consider working as a copywriter. Many companies and businesses still want to get services like promotional and marketing content. You can work as a copywriter and create suitable content for these companies in services. 

A person who has experience in writing for newspapers and magazines can apply for copywriting jobs. You can find various types of information about the jobs to get the best outcome. You must consider working on multiple projects so that you can get some experience. Go for simple projects in the beginning, and you can easily complete it to earn money.

Fiverr.com is a great place to start building a presence on. But for more immediate cash, spend 4-6 hours per day sending around 25-40 direct messages per day. You can send these on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

You will want to focus on finding companies in a niche you’re interested in and comfortable writing for. Check out the company’s link in their bio. Does their site lack a salesperson’s touch? Great! You can potentially sell your services to them.

Do not just copy-paste the same request on each direct message you send. Curate a custom message for each company or brand you contact. This will help you stand out and eventually somebody will say yes.

Continue to do this every day even to maintain a workload you’re able to handle in terms of copywriting for companies.

  1. Translate or interpret 

The people who know multiple languages will get the best results during the global crisis. It is because you can find various types of jobs for translating. You just have to translate data from one language to another. You can look for the projects and work available in the languages that you know. After that, you can discuss all the details regarding the work with the clients. 

You can also look for make money online app in which you can find various types of jobs as a translator or interpreter. It is a great way to start as you can get instant updates on notifications whenever a new job is posted for the translation work. After that, you can start to work as a translator and take different types of projects. You can enter details like the languages in which you can translate. This way, you will get suitable projects and select the best option.

Again, Fiverr is a great platform to start building a presence on. Also, send out those direct messages like explain in job #1.

best ways to make money in a world crisis


  1. Start online coaching classes 

After lockdown, many teachers and professor lost their job as they cannot teach students. That is why you should consider using online coaching classes as a medium to start teaching students. It is one of the best methods to make money online in 2020.

All you had to do was use your smartphone to record lectures on certain subjects. After that, you can upload it on a website like teachable. This way, you can earn money and teach students without any delays.

Also, consider having live sessions where you charge anywhere from $40 – $180 for a 2-hour session. This will depend on your skill in the niche. You don’t need to limit your class to 1 student either. Host a closed live stream where you could potentially have 600 students attending.

There are many WordPress plugins you can use to set this up. So, you would need your own website of course. If you do not already have your own website or hosting, skip this one for now because I do not want you to spend any more money than you need to during a crisis.

Several days before you go live, start blasting on social media with hints and teasers of what you’re going to talk about, your knowledge, etc. Once you’ve had your first stream, you can include a few snips of question and answer time too.

  1. Make fitness or cooking videos


If you love cooking, then you can make some short cooking videos in which you can share the recipe. It has become quite popular, and you can also try your luck in sharing videos on YouTube or any other popular website. 

Let’s take a moment here to talk about TikTok. TikTok is an exploding platform and you’re still able to get a lot of organic reach. It’s not all lip-syncing and dancing, it’s growing into a general platform like everything else. Twitter started out as tech nerds, Facebook a college hookup site, and Instagram for photo geeks. Everything starts in 1 thing and eventually grows into everything. Get on the platform while you can still easily blow up! Don’t just post a few videos either and call it quits. Post 3-4 videos per day for even 1 month and you’ll start to see serious growth. Don’t forget to use 4-6 hashtags too. Use a mixture of high and medium competition hashtags. Meaning, use 2-3 in the millions and 2-3 in the hundreds of thousands.

On platforms where people like your video or share them, then you can gain more traffic. After reaching a certain number of subscribers/followers, you can start to monetize your YouTube channel, and so on. 

You can also make fitness videos in which you can share some work out from home methods. It will surely help you to get the best outcome and ensure that there are no issues. You can try out various types of things when it comes to the workout. You can also partner up with a certain brand and wear their clothes when doing the workout.

I would highly consider reaching out to companies to make branded videos for free at first. Then, once the company sees potential from your content, then you can agree on a price per video. There are many tools out there to calculate how much you should be asking for sponsorship content. Here is a calculator for how much you should be asking when doing a TikTok promotion. 

Keep in mind you should not consider making promotional videos on TikTok until you have at least 100k followers. This is because you want to focus on growth first and not sales. After 100k followers, your account will start to have amazing natural growth so you can focus more on promotions while still pumping out at least 1-2 of your normal TikToks per day. Make sure to limit promo posts to 1 per week at the most.

  1. Complete surveys on the internet

One of the most popular and easiest options to make money online in 2 minutes is by completing the surveys on the internet. 

Now, most survey sites offer slave wages. But, I’ll let you know of some survey sites that are actually worth your time.

  1. Leo – Leger Opinion

Leo or Leger Opinion is one of the best survey sites on the web. It offers very competitive rates at $6.00 per hour. The surveys are very easy to fill out as you just need a general knowledge of everyday things. 


I’m a frugal 25-year-old who isn’t your typical consumer and I still qualify for at least 30% of the surveys. Thankfully, the screening process is extremely fast. You’ll only spend 1-minute qualifying vs 5-10+ like other websites. You get 5 cents for your time which is at least something.


Again, the rate is $6.00 per hour. This is basically the best rate you’ll find for completing surveys online. Most barely pay $1 per hour. Not like those spammy social media ads have you believing you can make $100 per day LMFAO…


  1. Prolific

Prolific is not your typical survey website. The surveys you’ll be taking are actually research studies. So, because of this, they pay a lot better. They seem to pay between 5 – 13 British pounds per hour which currently exchanges for $6.22 – 16.16 USD.

You will have some studies only take you a few minutes and some 45 minutes. But the average seems to be around 15 minutes each.

Common topics are psychology, health, and your reaction to current world events such as COVID-19.

  1. Sell photos online 

Another great method for you to earn money online is by selling photos. This can be a great way to generate some passive income.

There are websites you can upload your images for a commission. 

The best places to sell your stock photos are as follows.

  1. Your own website. 

This way you can control all the pricing and delivery method. Also, you can build more personal relationships with your customers. It will be much easier for customers to request custom shots from you as well.

  1. Adobe Stock

Pays between 20 to 60% commissions and doesn’t force you to hand over the rights of your images to them. This allows you to sell your images on other markets too. 

  1. Shuttershock

Earn between 20 to 30% commissions. Still a very big marketplace. Great to stack with Adobe Stock.


  1. Alamy

Alamy has a smaller marketplace but with that comes less competition. They payout 50% commissions which is extremely competitive. They’ve paid out over $180 million to photographers. 


  1. Look for freelance projects online 

You can find various ways to make money online 2020 legit. There are so many freelancing projects available on the Internet that you can easily do. By working on this, freelance projects can help you to earn some money, which will help you during this global crisis.

I highly recommend Fiverr as a starting point for freelancing. I realize I mention Fiverr a lot on this blog. It’s because it’s so user friendly and you can create a nice income with hard work and patience.

Check out my Top 11 Fiverr Gigs That Require Little Or No Skill post.

These are the seven ways to make money online so that you can earn money during a lockdown. If you are out of work, then they should prove effective for you. Not every person has work from home, and that is why it becomes essential for them to try out all the different things. You can take the help of the best freelance website to find out about different types of Jobs available on the Internet. After that, you can apply for the jobs which offer you a good amount of money.

What is the best way to prepare for the next crisis?

As you already know that coronavirus will last for a long period. It means that you must be ready for the economic recession. Every person needs to be prepared for the next downfall as the Coronavirus will leave a severe impact on the economy around the world.

  1. Get information about side jobs to add income 

earn money on the side

If you want to overcome challenges during the global crisis and want to get ready for it, then you should look for jobs that can help you to add income. You should try working on multiple side jobs at once so that you can make yourself financially stable. You can invest the money from the side jobs into savings. By saving money from the side, jobs will help you to get the best results.

If you want to be prepared about all the upcoming crisis, then you have to focus on your savings. As you already know that many companies will start to lay off their employees when they face economic issues. That is why you should have extra savings in your account during the unemployment period.

  1. Invest in the right stocks 

You might not know this, but every major business person or expert is investing in the stock market now as it is a great time to buy storks. As you already know that the stocks of many international and major companies are down so you can get them at a lower price so that it can help you to save some money.

After everything is over, you can see that the price of all these things starts to increase. So instead of loading up food items and necessity is in your house, you should use your money properly. You can look for some helpful tips to invest in the stock market. This way, you can get these stocks at a low price and then sell them when they are at the highest.

  1. Take the help of the company’s healthcare plan 

As you already know that many companies see a huge loss during the lockdown period. It means that they must either shut down their business or fire some employees. So, if you have been delaying any type of health issue, then you can utilize your health care plan. For instance, if you have any medical issues and want to get treatment, then healthcare can cover it. 

Before you get fired from the company, you can take benefit from your health care plan, which is offered to all the employees. It is one of the best ways by which you can ensure that you save some money on your medical care and avoid any issues later in the future. It might seem like you do not have time, but you should always give priority to your health. For instance, if you are sure that the company will lay off some employees, then you should take some time and give priority to your health.

  1. Organize all your assets 

If you want to make money online at home, then you can easily find various jobs online. To prepare yourself from the upcoming or next crisis, you must assess all your assets, which includes the real estate properties. It will help you to get the best results and ensure that everything is perfect. It is an essential step that every person should take to get an idea about all their savings.

By assessing all the things will help you to manage your property and finance accordingly. It will also help you to avoid any major crisis during the economic recession. Nowadays, everyone is worried about the economic situation due to the lockdown in almost every country in the world. So, you have to do this step to avoid any problems in the future.

  1. Avoid getting a subscription for every streaming services 

One of the few things that can help you with saving some money for the financial trouble is by avoiding the subscription of various streaming services. Everyone will be bored during the lockdown, but you should not get a subscription to the streaming services which you do not use. Make sure that you manage all the subscriptions of different types of streaming services. 

After managing these things, you can save some money from subscriptions. It is a great way by which you can get the best outcome with money troubles. Check out all the deductions from your credit so that you get an idea about the things that will help you to prepare yourself for the next crisis.

I highly recommend not even paying for a subscription service and simply going with an Android box running Kodi. You can watch all of your favorite shows recorded or live for free. Mind you, recorded are very easy to find for free. However, live usually costs you a bit of money. I pay $15 USD per month for up to 2 screens that gives me access to over 2000 channels. Do I use all 2000 channels? Hell no! But I definitely get my $15 worth.

I’ve never paid for cable in my life other than in college it was included in the rent and was non-negotiable to remove. (The TV didn’t even work LMFAO…) I wouldn’t have used the cable even if it did, I just streamed my shows and movies online. 

  1. Always prepare a six months emergency fund 

One should always be ready for any type of emergencies in the future. You can look for the best ways to make money online fast so that there are no issues. Every person should be ready with an emergency fund when it comes to a crisis. So, make sure that you check out all the things and make investments accordingly. By preparing an emergency fund, you can utilize it during an economic recession so that you can get the best outcome.

It essential that you try to add more money to your emergency fund so that you can use them during the real emergency. As you already know that the upcoming few months will be very harsh for the economic state of every country. You need to make sure that you have enough money in your emergency fund so that you can use it when you are facing the biggest financial issues in your life.

  1. Improve your credit score before the crisis 

Before you look for the methods to make money online, you should start to search for the ways by which you can make money. You should start to look for methods by which you can improve your credit score. As you already know that during the recession, you can invest in different real estate work. To get a loan for the investment, you need, make sure that you have a good credit score.

You can check out various types of things so that there are no issues when it comes to credit score. You must consider all the factors when it comes to investing in any business. There are various types of things when it comes to investing in any industry. 

So, you can look for an easy way to make money online and start to take on multiple projects to earn money. It is the best way to become financially stable in this global crisis. Every person is facing challenges to make ends meet. You must try various types of jobs available on the Internet and consider all the factors to get the best results. 

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