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Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $50

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Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $50


businesses you can start for less than $50

Finding businesses you can start with less than $50 doesn’t have to be hard. You just need a little knowledge to kick things into gear. Starting a business is really an intellectual process because you need to decide what is your goal and what you can do to achieve this. A good start gives strength to fight the problems that you may face, thus we are here with a guide to help you kickstart some best business to start with little money.

How To Get Started With A Tutoring Business

A tutor can start by investing very low capital in monetary form because the main investment is his knowledge. The first step is to gather the teaching resources, the basic resources to gather are,

● A whiteboard

● Markers

● Handwritten or computer typed notes

● Reference books

● And a proper place to teach which you can rent or use your own home office

After you gather these resources, you need to promote yourself, in other words getting your first students. You can do that by advertisement in the cheapest way possible. This can be done by printing some pamphlets which you can distribute or paste in some public places. It can be difficult to advertise yourself if you have just started being a tutor. If you have done any job as a tutor or teacher it would be really easy to find your first student as you already have those connections which will bring you more students. But if you are a newbie, it can still be achieved.

Do some promotional works, you can give demo classes in the name of free classes for one or two weeks.

Social activities, you can also do some social activities like teaching some students for free. It will help you to get referred by those students if you had worked well with them.

Ask your friends and relatives, the best way to get your first student is by a referral from someone. Your friends and families can recommend you as they know your abilities, so don’t shy away from telling this to them.

Lower your prices, see what others are charging as tuition fees then decide your price half or ¾ of the average fees. This is necessary for the beginning.

Giving free tuitions is not a waste, it is your investment of time which you will find fruitful in the future. If you don’t want to teach free just lower your tuition fees because as a beginner you need to create your identity in the market. If you don’t feel like you know anything well enough to teach, don’t worry! Spend the next month watching YouTube videos on a topic that interests you for at least 4 hours per day.

This will help you build a baseline knowledge of the niche you’re interested in teaching. Now that you’ve put in this time, start out by teaching beginner courses on the subject. You’ve already consumed at least 120 hours of material on the subject. This makes you an intermediate of the topic allowing you to show people the ropes.


After you get students, teaching resources and knowledge to teach them you can start teaching. Lightly convince your current students to recommend you more. It doesn’t mean forcing them or telling them that you need more students but making them realize why it is beneficial for them if you grow.

Always learn what they learn. Stay updated to solve a new problem and update your notes to provide your students with the best knowledge. This is also great for maintaining your quality. There are also many online platforms to teach on. We’ll be writing a future article on this to go into more detail. But, a quick and easy way to get started to teach people your knowledge on Fiverr.com. 

Fiverr is an amazing and free marketplace to buy and sell services. Just create a few “gigs” on various subjects you know. Then, get some of your friends and family to purchase these gigs from you so you can get some initial reviews. You’ll slowly but surely start to earn more and more every month with staying active. 

While your earning potential will be much higher if you start out on your own, it’s also a lot harder to get things going in the first place. That’s why websites like Fiverr are great stepping stones to get your career on the move.

How To Get Started With Pet Daycare

how to start a pet daycare for cheap

A pet daycare helps people to find someone who can take care of their beloved pets when they have to go for work, this is the basis on which a daycare works. So, if you want to start a daycare you have to build a place which feels like fun for the pets of your client, thus you need some resources for that,

● Food and water, you need to take care of them and what they will eat. Invest in buying food and arranging water. You need different types of food for different types of pets.

Make sure you stay up to date with what specific brands of food each of your clients’ pets eat.

● Accessories, you need accessories like a bowl, in which you serve food and toys with which the pets of your client will pay.

Make sure you get quality toys and not cheap ones from the dollar store that could have harmful chemicals in them.

● A place that is safe for pets and also fun. You need to build a place or you can rent a proper place and design that for taking care of the pets.

Having a big back yard is a huge advantage for dogs. Likewise, having a big finished basement can be great for both cats & dogs.

Make sure you don’t give access to parts of your home that you don’t want potentially chewed or scratched apart by misbehaving animals.

There are many things that you also need to keep in mind about starting a pet daycare.

You should behave well with the pets, and also bring some good changes by training them as well. The more entertaining you will be to them the more they will like to spend time in your daycare. It helps in getting a recommendation from their owners for more clients.

Just make sure you have in mind what your maximum capability is for caring for pets. The last thing you want happening is 20 dogs running loose in the streets. In beginning try to take care of only a few types of pets. It is necessary when you are not so much experienced in handling your own daycare. If you start with just taking care of some dogs or cats that will be easy for you to handle. 

Always make sure that the pets behave well, for this you need to let the pet have peace in mind. But sometimes during play, many dogs may get into a fight with each other which is not good for your business. So plan the activities in such a way that every pet stays satisfied and doesn’t feel left out.

For starting a business you also need to promote it. Considering that we are doing everything in just $50, it should be in the cheapest ways possible. You can print some pamphlets to distribute with people and paste in parks where many people come for a walk with their pets. You can tell your friends for recommendations.

You also need to keep some things in mind to grow your business from the day you start.

Always ask about everything regarding each pet. Many pets like to be treated differently and also eat different types of foods. It will help their pets to enjoy more and feel healthy at your daycare. Also, some pets may have specific medical conditions that they need special care for. Furthermore, each pet may like to be played with in a specific way.


Your price structure should cover the cost even if you want to charge less in the beginning. This is because you might need some things. After all, many toys will be destroyed. Also, you need to earn for your survival and pay some costs in the future.


Make sure you get insurance. This is very important for many reasons. You for one need to be protected from the pets in case they attack you. Also, the pets need to be insured from attacking one another. Lastly, you want to be insured for pedestrians or public damage in case one of the pets escapes and causes harm.

Taking care of pets can be very rewarding. If you love animals, then what you just read should be enough to help you take action.

How To Get Started With A Freelance Content Writing Company

You might have experience in content writing. This includes many types of writing and many types of work. Interested in starting a business for under $50? First, you have to create a team to whom you can delegate the work. You can easily get freelance work from many freelance websites. Try to tell your client about your business and maintain these relations into the future as well. If you are starting it as a business you need to create a team of skilled content writers to write or edit the work. Organize them by giving them their own responsibilities and encouraging them to work efficiently by taking care of their grievances. 

After you have created a team, you need to advertise your business online or contact someone who can be your client. You can check on many freelancing websites for getting new clients. You don’t need a lot of resources to do the work. If you have thought of starting this business then you must have the required skill and the required resources. In the name of resources you just need a place to work, desktops or laptops and a good internet connection.

You may wonder how you’re supposed to get all of this started for less than $50? You can start by outsourcing your work to Fiverr.com. Start by writing clients 500-word articles. These can be outsourced on Fiverr for around $10 USD. Get 5 of these lined up and focus on using free promotional techniques.

The main question that comes to mind is how are you going to get your first clients?

Check freelancers sites, on these sites, you can find many projects, you can easily bid for them and earn them. Bid carefully to almost every project and then you can start to have the projects. Bidding is just a term these sites use. Don’t worry about it costing you any money. Most platforms give you a decent amount of bids free per month. Some of these sites can be freelancer.com or upwork.com. However, your best bet as stated earlier is to get started on Fiverr.

If you have been a freelancer in the past and had worked well for someone, you can also contact them to make them one of your regular clients.

Create social media pages to be found. This may not work in the beginning but it will definitely work after 2-3 months. This is because you’ll be increasing the number of clients from your personal contacts and from other companies. You can show what types of articles you write. Having a dedicated sample website is a great idea too. You can use wix.com to get started for free. Just create a landing page with several posts of sample work. If you’re writing 500-word articles, just put the first 1-2 paragraphs in as samples.

Growing fast is not easy but you can really do that if you keep some things in your mind. 

Always deliver your best quality at all times. You should make sure to maintain some quality standards too. Having a better quality of work will help you retain relations with your clients.

● Keep your prices lower, at least at first. When you go for bidding with new clients try to be below the average price. It will attract those clients who want to be economical while giving the work to someone new.

● Always maintain good relations with your client. Make your services more convenient for your client. Earn their faith that you are the best person possible to work for them.

● Take care of your team. You have to direct and lead your team to work better and also make it easy for everyone to work in the environment you build.

If you love writing as much as I do, hopefully, you’ll get started with content writing. The next strategy is my personal favorite for obvious reasons.

How To Get Started With Blog Writing

how to get started with blogging for cheap

You might be familiar with writing blogs. Many people earn a lot from it. There are many ways to earn from this such as by ads or affiliate marketing. This is not the easiest task but you can get started easily by investing a very low amount. It is not hard to get results if you know about some important factors like search engine optimization. You can eventually rank your articles and earn money from them. The earnings are based on per unit sale commission by way of affiliate marketing and pay per click in the way of advertising revenue generations.

You just need to invest some money on some resources:

A laptop or a PC. 

Get this new Lenovo Windows 10 laptop for only $178.

● A website domain name

● Web hosting

Get 2 years of fast, reliable web hosting from Hostinger for just $38.

● A good internet connection

You just need these four things to get started with blog writing and earning money. The earnings will only start when you’re able to generate high traffic or regular traffic over your website. The traffic can be generated from many sources and in the following ways,

● Completing the S.E.O of your blogs to rank higher, if you rank high in the search results you can easily get a lot of traffic over your website which will help you get approval for Google Adsense.

Get some quality backlinks to your new blog and start seeing an improvement in traffic within 3 months.

  • Viral Content Bee is a very powerful free service. You can earn credits by sharing people’s blog posts on Twitter. With these credits, you can run your own campaigns to do the same.

Paid promotions.

Many sites promote the reach of your content, Google also ranks your blogs high for some payments. If you want people to know about you from the beginning you have to do this, because generating natural reach is really the hardest thing at the starting of a blog.

Knowing your competitions

You should know what keywords you are competing with your competitors. If you will be able to recognize a keyword before others then you will be able to rank higher in the early stages. It also brings relevance to your blog posts in the eyes of the search engine which helps in ranking higher the next time. Answer The Public is another great free resource. It assists you in finding long-tail keywords for free. These can be great for stuffing in your blog posts or even as blog post titles.

Now if you want to know how you can start earning, you should know the following points,

If you are reaching a lot of people regularly or a high number of people then you can earn from showing ads through Google Adsense.

Google Adsense can be somewhat difficult to get accepted to, however. So, if you find you’re getting denied too much, you can apply for other companies that have offers such as pay per lead.

You can create an affiliate account with any of the e-commerce websites. 

You have to paste this link in your blogs and whenever someone buys using that link you get a commission for the sale of that product. Amazon associates is a great one to get started with.

The key to being on the top is writing SEO friendly and readable content regularly. If you are determined to do that, then you can easily achieve your goals of earning from this. You can earn a full-time income and believe me, you can earn a lot without investing again and again.

How To Get started with Social Media Management Service

how to start a social media management business for free

Many businesses like to get someone else to handle their social media engagements. They outsource this work and hire someone who can solve consumers’ grievances over social media. This is a very simple business that can be done by you. It is easy to start a business for under 50 dollars. You just need some basic resources.

A computer or laptop

Get this new Lenovo Windows 10 laptop for only $178.

● A good and 24/7 Internet connection.

● Some people to help you. They will be your helpers.

You can, however, do this work alone. You can be hired to handle the social media pages of many companies. You just need to use your own resources and you will be paid for your contribution to the business. 

Now, after collecting the resources, the next step is to get someone to hire you. You can easily handle at least two clients at a time. You have to maintain proper contact with companies that need these services. If you ever had managed your own social media platform then it would be easy for you as you can show it as a sample. But if you don’t have any past experience then you must have something to certify that you possess all the skills required for this business. You can slowly expand your business if you keep some important things in mind while operating your business.

A great way to show some knowledge is to get some certificates from Udemy.com related to social media management.

Charging fair prices

In the beginning, it is you who needs consumers more than the consumers need you. Your prices must be below but near to average prices. Any company when hiring someone for this work gives a lower wage then later increases on the basis of the performance and how their social media page was handled by them.

● Put the hard work and smart work together. The key to success is having the skills and doing the hard work to impress. It will also help you to get testimonials from your previous clients. 


Whenever you start something new it won’t be easy and it will also be hard to survive in the market. But once you start shining, there is nothing that can stop you. You need to be patient but always active to find your opportunity to grow. You have to be one step ahead of your competitors and manage to survive. 

You should be committed towards it but there are some things on the basis of which you should always manage whatever you start.

Learn about the market

You need to know what the market demands in present times. You have to update your knowledge and increase your efforts according to it.

Getting ahead of the competition

You will find many competitors but you can get ahead of them by proving yourself. You need to somehow find more clients or you won’t be able to earn profits.

Maintaining good relations with your clients and giving the best services that you can give in your capabilities.

Promote your business

Any business can easily be promoted locally by distributing some pamphlets. And for many, you can have paid promotions like an advertisement. 

These things will help you to grow fast and create your identity and survive constantly.

I hope this post on Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $50 helped you take action. If you learned something,  share this article with your followers. I’m sure it will be a great read for them.

Want to share your story? Feel free to contact us. We could end up writing a blog article about how you got to where you are now.

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