How To Discover Your Passion

The term discovering your passion often comes with a sense of excitement quickly followed by feeling hopeless. I’ll teach you that discovering your passion is a lot easier than you think.

Most people reach a certain part in their life where they feel lost career-wise. To be fair, most people never end up leaving this unfortunate circumstance either. Discovering your passion worded that way tends to put a lot of pressure on anyone reading it. That’s why I have a new way of wording it to help you get the answer you desire without all of the stress associated with it. This is still going to take word mind you but at least you’ll have a path forward and you won’t feel nearly as lost anymore.

What do you like?

I’d like to think most people know what they like doing, but if you’re like me you have no clue.

For the majority of the past 15 years I’ve spent my free time playing video games. Don’t get me wrong I love playing video games but I’ve never been the esports kind of guy. Esports takes an immense amount of training and dedication which I could never commit to. I like to play games semi-casually while having quick bursts of competitiveness. I may not be interested in turning my love of video games into a career/business but maybe for you it’s how to discover your passion.

how to discover your passion

So for me discovering what I like has proven quite a tricky task these last 5 or so years I’ve been exploring.

Recently however I’ve been becoming a much more relaxed individual which has brought a sense of clarity. I’m telling you all of this to hopefully relate to you to spark some thought in your brain.

I can’t tell you exactly what brought this sense of clarity recently but I can think of a few small things. The biggest thing has just been my sheer dedication to finding a path in life. I’m guessing if you’re reading this article you’ve spent so much time that you’re a seasoned veteran at this point.

Going through the seasons getting all riled up in the spring with new life but then summer hits. The nice weather is hard to resist and you end up spending all of your time relaxing outside with your friends. Fall comes and you remember “oh shit!” you were supposed to be working on how to discover your passion.

Unfortunately because you skipped out on summer you try to make up for lost time. You think because the colder weather is here you have a good enough push to stay inside that will help you catch up.

Like out of nowhere winter arrives and at first you like it a little. You think “well now I’m forced to stay inside so I’ll get A TON of work done”. You continue to scramble for a few weeks and reality sets in that you shouldn’t have skipped out on summer.

So you get all depressed now anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring but unfortunately when it comes you repeat the whole process.

seasonal motivation

If this is you then don’t feel alone, this is most people in the world. Learning how to discover your passion is the hardest and longest path we walk in life. Eventually though you will break through you just can’t lose hope. There’s an endless amount of successful people out there that did make it so you can too!

If you still struggle to discover what you like doing, start looking at activities you do for at least 15 minutes once a month. This was the key for me personally so I think it can help you discover your passion too.

A lot of the time we get caught up in forcing ourselves to find a path when it was here with us all along. These short natural time increments you spend doing stuff you simply enjoy is your life trying to break you free.

Some examples of what I discovered are writing, listening to music, organizing my place, and taking some time for reflection. With a bit of creative thinking there’s a way to monetize any of these hobbies.

The trick is to not have earning money as your main desire because it will cloud your judgement. This was really hard for me to accept and implement in my life because of my obsession with money. If you struggle with budgeting which leaves you short at the end of each month this can serve as a problem too.

That is a completely other topic for another time but this is where the secret lies. Setting up automated deposits to put some money away for investments and emergency savings will help bring a sense of security. Doing this will help clear your mind and give you the ability to find what you like doing without being driven by money.

What are you good at?

This can be a tricky one for most people because after traditional school we’re not normally told what we’re good at. Using the points from the last section will really help you discover what you’re good at too. Try and think back to when you were between 12-16 as this can give insight into what you were a natural at.

how to turn your hobby into a passion

For me it was writing, actually I grew at interest in writing from a much younger age than 12. For you it could be the same but most likely it’s something different. Try and think back to when you were finally getting an idea for what you “wanted to be” when you graduated high school. This can help shine some light on remembering what steps you took back then to achieve your desired path at the time.

When we’re that age we don’t have nearly as much stuff to worry about compared to being an adult. This gave us a much more clearer sense of self which helped contribute to not only discovering what we like but acting on it too.

Try and write down 20 things you’re good at and if you struggle with this just think of 20 things you’re better than the average person at. If you still struggle with this or want even more ideas I suggest asking people who knew you when you were younger like your parents, siblings, childhood friends or even past teachers.

Once you have this list you’ll have a much easier time trying out new stuff again. Unfortunately the only way to find what you like again is trying it again. I know all of us think we’ve tried everything and we don’t need to try anything new but this has failed us.

That mindset has kept you stuck for the last 5, 10, 15+ years and you’re not going to make a change unless you change. So, you just have to put the boots to the floor and start trying this stuff you used to be good at or liked doing.

how to take action

Once you start making these things a part of your life again you’ll quickly find you enjoy most of them. You may not need to go any further than this because this exercise could have helped you answer how to discover your passion after all. Sometimes all we need is a little kick in the pants to get moving again even if we have been in a rut for several years.

Where do you want to be?

Think about how you wanted your life to be shortly after you graduated high school. You were filled with glimmer and hope and felt nothing could stop you. But, then the world came in and shit on all of your goals and dreams and left you feeling like you can’t achieve anything because everyone else failed.

Don’t let these broken people get to you because the saying holds true misery loves company. People will do whatever it takes to bring you down to their level when they see you stand a chance of changing your life for the better to make them feel better about themselves.

So get these people out of your mind and out of your life if you can and replace them with positive growth minded people. If it’s somebody like your spouse that always seems to rain on your parade then it’s time to have a serious talk with them. It could be a parent or a sibling too that is holding you back from your true potential.

These people often want the best for us but naturally tend to worry which can come off as destroying our dreams. That’s why you need to sit down with them and have a serious talk. Explain to them that when you tell them about something you’re trying to do and they try and help you it really hurts you.

how to get your spouse to support your dreams

Have a sense of compassion when explaining this to them by showing you appreciate their caring but what you really need in these times is their support. Both of you know you’re a very capable person and have figured out any problem that has come your way. So, you’re more than capable of reaching your goals and desires no matter how large they may be.

What are your options?

Oftentimes we think we need to spend a boatload of cash to start a passion driven business. In our society we tend to throw money at the situation and hope to solve it. Throwing money on how to discover your passion usually never works.

how to discover your passion

The truth is in this technological advanced world we live in you need very little money to get your passion driven business going. Most of the time having a website is the best path forward for you to get your name out there and start having fun.

Ionos offers 1 year of hosting for only $12 and no you don’t need to purchase 10 years of hosting to get this deal. Sure, it only has 99.9% uptime vs 99.99/999% uptime like most hosting companies boast about but you don’t need something fancy right now. All you need is something that works and your website being down for at most 1.5 minutes per day is more than fine.

You’ll want to get some social media accounts up and running too but I have a quick tip for you. Most people tend to go balls to the wall and open up 5 or 10 different social media accounts for their new venture. This is always a recipe for disaster because it ends up completely overwhelming you which contributes to you giving up.

Stick with 2 platforms to promote your new passion driven website as that is plenty to get eyes on it. There’s slightly better options for different niches but the best platforms I recommend are Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Don’t think these websites are too old either just because their organic growth has drastically dropped.

All that’s changed with these platforms is that it’s now a requirement not a recommendation to offer value to your future customers. This won’t be too hard for you to achieve because 95% of businesses and brands out their continue to use their platform with their best interest in mind versus their customers.

add value to your customers

Put yourself in the shoes of your future visitors to help you continue to offer value to them over sales sales and more sales. Think about when you’re browsing your own social media, you don’t like ads to bombard you. The only things you may like however are thoughtful posts that actually spark some thought or brighten up your day. Even if these posts have a product placed in them they’re not shoving it in your face which stands a better chance of you liking the thing they’re promoting.

What do you have to do to make this a reality?

Now it’s time to bring all of what you read together and make your dreams and goals become a reality. The greatest thing I can recommend is maintaining a sense of calm in your life to help maintain clarity. If you struggle with this like most, it’s time to start eliminating people, tasks, and things out of your life that lead you astray from your goals.

You have to take charge of your life not because of what I’m saying in this article today but because you truly want to succeed. You have to take baby steps every day or most days to reach your desires.

Remember when you were just getting started in your #1 hobby you’re amazing at now? You deeply cared about learning the ins and outs and were completely dedicated to becoming the best or at least one of the best.

You need to take that list of 20 things you’re good at paired with how you enjoy spending your time and have at her. Start exploring this list and if you make it to the end and still feel lost, start over and keep doing until you finally break through. This list makes it a surefire way to end the frustration on how to discover your passion.


how to change your beliefs



The more thought you put into this list the better chance you have of discovering your passion. Remember in times of doubt to be honest with yourself and to not beat yourself up if you get to the end of the list and still feel lost.

You’ve been in this perpetual cycle of a not so great life for a while so it’s going to take a while to get out of it too. Remind yourself that you have survived 100% of your bad days so you can do fucking anything! You are the captain of your own ship and are ready to explore lands unexplored or rewrite maps that have been previously lost.

The time is now don’t wait to go out and find out how to discover your passion!

I believe in you!

With peace & love!

Zach S.

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