How To Flip Pokemon Cards On Ebay

How To Flip Pokemon Cards On Ebay

Excited by all of the recent Pokemon card hype and want to get in on the action? Don’t know how to get started? Learn how to flip Pokemon cards on Ebay in 2021.


As you may know, Pokemon cards exploded in the year of 2020. The reason behind this hype is because of 2 reasons. The first is because some big names in the entrepreneurship and entertainment niche have been going hard with pack openings, investing and more. The second is because the kids of Millennials are getting to the card collecting age.

So, because of this a lot of Millennials are reliving their childhood through their children.

The greater demand and diminishing supply has caused prices to go up. With these prices skyrocketing, both vintage and modern cards have a lot of profit to be made.

Getting started

The first thing you’ll want to do is get your core card(s) listed on eBay. This is free online business ideas after all so we’re going to do this as much for free as we can. If you’re reading this you likely already have some Pokemon cards laying around.
Look through your storage or at your parents house to find some cards to start your flipping journey. First edition non-starter commons go for at least $5 with starters going for at least $40.

If you don’t have any vintage cards in your collection don’t fret. All ex, gx, vmax, full art, etc cards go for at least $1 with a lot of them being around $5 and up.

Set aside $50 worth of your collection according to sold Ebay listings. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling.

Creating your listings

The most important thing about your listings is your photos. You’ll want a plain white background with good camera focus and no obstructions in view. You can easily create a free lightbox using a cardboard box, lamps, and printer paper you have laying around.

Once you’ve got your stunning photos taken it’s time to list your items. For your title, use as many keywords as you can and compare past sold listings to see what titles worked best. For your description, again check what types of descriptions worked best. Generally a straightforward description that has at least a bit of information about the card(s) is good.

Price your items slightly below the highest sold price. Because you’ve taken amazing photos you shouldn’t have a hard time selling your cards.

For shipping you can use a basic envelope with the cards in penny sleeves and/or top loaders. You’ll also want to put some thin cardboard on either side for stability. For cards over $20, I’d recommend getting tracking & insurance to cover your butt. Just make sure to charge the appropriate shipping costs. People are more than willing to pay for shipping.

Now you have your product listed. Sit back and your cards should sell very soon.
Have your cards not sold in more than 1 week? Try lowering the price slightly and maybe changing up the title and description slightly. Also, make sure you listed your cards in the best category to drive the most traffic.

Searching for new product

You’ve sold your first cards. Great job! Awesome! Now it’s time to get some new inventory. There are several ways you can go about getting new inventory. I’ll first cover getting new products on Ebay and then we’ll go into a more profitable option.

The name of the game is PSA graded Pokemon cards. These cards cards sell like hotcakes because most collectors are only interested in graded cards. If you’re unaware what a PSA graded card is, check the image below.

How to flip Pokemon cards on Ebay

There are other grading companies like BGS and CGC. But, it’s best to stick with PSA because they are the most well known which creates an easy sell.

Eventually CGC will become more popular. By then, it may be worth buying up some CGC cards for cheaper than PSA to flip them for a good profit.

The easiest way to find new products to flip is simply searching “PSA Pokemon card” on Ebay. There you will see tons of amazing products show up that you can skim through. You can filter the search results by time ending soonest or newly listed to find some sweet deals.

At first you’ll want to look for 2 decent PSA cards priced around $20. That way you have enough to cover possible shipping charges. If the seller offers free shipping that’s even better because then you can purchase 2 $25 cards. Just remember for your sake to always charge for shipping however because you’ll generally make more profit.

Make sure to choose cards that you would want in your personal collection. This is just to be extra precautious in case for whatever reason you can’t seem to sell a card. This is very unlikely though as long as you picked up your cards for cheap.

To ensure you’re getting the best price, look through past Ebay sold listings to give you an idea of how much each card can really sell for.

Use your best judgement. If you can find a popular Pokemon, holo, rare or even all 3 in 1 keep your eye out for deals. This will make it easier for you to flip pokemon cards on Ebay.

At first, look for Pokemom cards you can make a 50% profit margin on to help kickstart your pokemon card flip game. Eventually you’ll want to go for 20-30% profit margins as the speed that comes with this actually creates more profit.

Eventually when you start bringing in more than $10,000 per month in gross revenue you’ll likely want to start going for 10% profit margins. Don’t worry though, you’ll never go below 10% profit margins and you’ll find you still have items that make 20-30% profit.

If you don’t understand this let me explain. Going with 10, 20 or 30% profit margins instead of 50% like at first gives you speed of execution. This will make it a hell of a lot easier to make future purchases while keeping your pokemon card flipping business going. In the beginning though it’s important to get to that $500 mark to give you more leverage.

You can definitely find deals with 50% profit margins, they’re just not as easy to scale in the long-run.

After you’ve purchased your 2 cards, simply wait patiently for them to show up in the mail and continue to repeat the process.

You’ve now unlocked the Paypal money generator for years to come.

How to make money flipping Pokemon cards on Ebay

How to scale

You’ll notice in time you might start getting overwhelmed. At this point you should start looking at purchasing higher tier cards. I’d recommend looking at cards around the $80-120 range. After you really get a handle on things and you’re pushing $10,000 per month in gross revenue you can start looking into bigger flips. Just always be cautious as with bigger flips comes bigger loss potential if you’re not smart.

This will keep you busy for a while and in turn bring in nice profit.

Now it’s time to get started!

You’ve just finished reading the article and you’re all fired up! Don’t let that fire die. Take full advantage of the mood you’re in right now to get started. Like right now, not tonight,not next week, not next month, NOW!

Go dig through your storage to find your core starting cards to get this snowball rolling.

Remember, everyone starts out making just a little bit of profit in the beginning. The real winners are the ones who hold their breath the longest.

I wish you luck on your Pokemon card flipping hustle!

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