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How To Follow Up With Missed Leads

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How To Follow Up With Missed Leads

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Whatever products you have for sale, or whatever your industry is, it’s a regular situation that your lead doesn’t pick up your appointed business call. How to follow up with missed leads is essential to your business growing it’s conversions.

It has happened far too many times to me as a salesman and entrepreneur. I assist my sales force by growing the proportion of their sales compared to what most salesmen and saleswomen considered a dead lead. This follow-up message track that I created has allowed us to have a 50% better conversion rate from missed appointed calls. Thus answering the looming question how to follow up with missed leads. Read further to find out how.


I remember working my first job in the industry. The company I worked for had a horrible training manual. They didn’t even have any photos, it was just plain black and white text. The training guide was so outdated that many of us struggled to convert our leads.

I felt lost and didn’t know what to do. I was worried about getting fired every day because of me not converting leads. Meanwhile, nobody else wasn’t getting conversions either so I didn’t have much to worry about…at least I thought. I should have seen that a company not converting leads wasn’t going to last long. The morning shift of workers including myself showed up for work that morning. The locks were changed and the building was empty. We tried contacting the company but no answer. We didn’t get our follow-up letter explaining the company has folded until 2 weeks later.

a salesman's guide creator who was upset

Life Went On

I gained more experience through the years jumping from company to company. Eventually, I started working for an individual who ended up becoming my mentor. He trained me thoroughly which eventually lead me to outgrow his company. He was glad though because he knew his job was done.


That’s when I came up with the how to follow up with missed leads guide. This sales tactic came about mostly from years of trial and error. Also, being so eager to make sales at the start of my journey, I eventually learned to go out of my way to figure out how to best convert each sale (obviously not at the unnamed first company I worked for). This method and the word usage I use turned into a robot-like system that I educate my salesforce with. Also, when my private clientele is engaged in converting leads, we help them implement this sales tactic for his or her own company.

Here is my fine-tuned and adjusted strategy that I use:


First, I call the potential buyer at our mutually agreed on time. Then because of people’s busy schedules, I usually receive their voicemail. I then leave a message saying “Hello (name of potential buyer), this is James with Bettering Leads Daily and I was ringing for our agreed on time for a call we had today at (state time) and received your voicemail. No worries! I realize life gets in the way occasionally. Would you like to make another appointment for us speaking today or is later in the week preferable? I look forward to speaking with you shortly.”


Right after the voicemail, I use the same sales pitch as I did before by sending it to them through text message. I also send it as a Facebook direct message.
Take note that texting is starting to boom in terms of connecting with leads. Make sure when you initially connect with a lead to get a number that you’re actually able to text them with versus a landline.

Also, whatever you do, do not deny the power of Facebook’s direct messaging. Mostly all business people have immediate access to their smartphones at all times. Taking advantage of this communication platform as well which has been downloaded over 125 million times on mobile alone and has 2.45 billion monthly users is a must.

Finding your lead on Facebook if you haven’t already is quite easy.

Let’s deeply analyze why this sales tactic works

salesman's thumbs up

There are 2 reasons why. Being filled with a language pattern and planted commands is why we use the pitch. Second, it reaches the potential buyer through their immediate response approach.

Immediate Response Approach

Simply put, we contact our leads who missed the sales call through voicemail, texting, and Facebook DM. You should get an immediate response from one of these 3 ways. You may ask “Why not email my lead?”. Sure you could, if that’s your customer’s preferred method of contacting them. Hell, if they prefer to fax, then fax away! If you know for a fact your lead above all else prefers snail mail, then, by all means, go that route.

The Mainstream

However, most of you will be sticking to the most common and recommended follow-up strategy. The goal is to respond to the customer right after they miss the call using multiple communication platforms (voicemail, texting, and Facebook direct message). This helps us figure out what the preferred ways of communicating with the customer are through what they hopefully reply the fastest to. We’ve discovered a much higher response rate to reschedule the call after sending these messages no later than 2 hours after the originally appointed call time.

Language Patterns And Planted Commands Breakdown

Analyzing A Salesman’s Guide Part 1:

In the first sentence, “Hello (name of potential buyer), this is James with Bettering Leads Daily and I was ringing in regards to today’s appointment we set at (state time) and received your voicemail. No worries! I realize life gets in the way occasionally.”

Stating their first name makes it more casual. This will likely improve your connection with them. It makes it seem like you’ve already had a positive experience together. Then, you go right into who you are. When executed like this within the text, it makes your name and what company you’re representing appear in the notification part of the text or Facebook direct messaging without them having to open it. This is a huge part of your success. Most people get tons of notifications per day, so you need to get your point across fast and stand out.

Analyzing A Salesman’s Guide Part 2:

A “double-blind” happens in the second part. This really motivates the lead to drop what they’re doing and reschedule the sales call immediately. As stated above it goes as follows, “Would you like to make another appointment for us speaking today or is later in the week preferable?” The unconscious brain chooses to rescheduled this day, or later in the week.

Analyzing A Salesman’s Guide Part 3:

We end with the planted command, “I look forward to speaking with you shortly.”. We plant into the lead’s brain that we will be speaking with them shortly.
Again, my sales-force has seen a drastic influx of lead conversions by more than 50%! I highly recommend giving my “A Salesman’s Guide For A Leads Missed Call” a try for your business for at least 1 month and see where the lead conversions go from there.

I’m certain that by executing this sales call technique for your business that you’ll see and improvement in your conversion rates from the prospects that miss their appointed sales call.

I feel like I’ve provided quite a great “How To Follow Up With Missed Leads” post. If you have any further questions, I will try my best to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

If you learned something which if you read the article you should have, please share this post with your friends on social media. I’m sure they’ll find as much value out of it as you did.

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