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How To Get Started With Blogging For Under $50?

How To Get Started With Blogging 50?

how to get started with blogging

Getting a business started is a hectic task that needs a lot of planning. Coming up with various strategies helps to mold the grounds of business and ultimately make it successful. If you have the compassion within yourself to work hard and start your business, it is never too late then. There are lots of things to explore in the commercial industrial world. Business owners can come up with new ideas all the time. In fact, experimentation is one of the basic elements that business enthusiasts swear by. That’s why today we’re answering the commonly searched for question “How To Get Started With Blogging?”.

In order to be successful, you need to take a deep plunge into the pool of a versatile business atmosphere. The founder of Honda stated that success is 99% failure.

On this note, blogging, as well as freelance content writing, is slowly gaining impetus over other career options. It’s flexible to work and doesn’t involve the boring 9 to 5 schedule. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the best ideas that can totally work in favor of you if you want to become a blogger or a content writer!

Start your blogging and writing business with some necessary hacks!

The idea of getting down to blogging business is now considered to be flexible. Apart from working in the 9-5 circle, there are opportunities available from home as well. This enables individuals from all walks of life to enjoy the taste of conducting business. However, even before you start your content writing business, some of the brightest and successful entrepreneurs have their own tips to share. So, we’ll take a careful look at the ideas while we delve deep into the secrets of running a blogging business successfully:

Always develop the power to communicate

how to get your point across when blogging

One of the most important rules to start a business is to communicate. In order to excel in all fields of running a company, you must freely talk to everybody engaged in the sector. Communication is the key to unfold specific business agendas. As long as you keep things clear, matters are going to run smoothly for you. In other words, handle all business operations with confidence, so that you can develop a potential customer base. It’s much cheaper to market to existing customers using good communication vs trying to create new customers and then sell to them.

Keep investments handy

Whether you are planning to start a small or a large business, investment is always mandatory. Adequate funds are important, in order to successfully develop the foundation of your business. In case you are low on funds, try to opt for reliable business loans as well. Sometimes as freelancers, keeping some savings with you can help you in overcoming monetary crises. This will help you to cope up in the initial stages of starting your blogging career. Always keep some funds handy, in case you require it during emergencies. 

Also, keeping funds handy can be great for other reasons. For one, having the ability to purchase a new tool you just discovered for your business immediately can have great benefits. You don’t need to wait until you save up enough to purchase the tool. This is great because when you discover a new business tool, you think you need, you usually want instant access to it. Also, some online business strategies are important to jump on right away. Mind you, you should never feel a sense of urgency to purchase something. This will just leave you with fewer funds at the end of the day. It’s always important to give a decent amount of thought before throwing money into your business. At the least, sleep on your decision for spending a small amount and for larger amounts I’d give it a week to let mellow. While trends are important to jump on, waiting one week will usually be perfectly fine.

Focus on your clients and customers

why customers should be your number one focus

The most important element required to start a business is to focus on the interest of the client. Customers from the main attraction in all business sectors. Until and unless you are unable to impress the customers, nothing can really work well. As a blogger and writer, aiming at improving the client handling schedule is important. Speak more with words and your content here. Hence, the major importance of formulating a plan. Starting a business it’s mandatory, so as to draw customer’s interest!

Always start slowly

An essential tip that is considered to be the focal point of success is to start the business slowly. Do not rush into things, simply because you are in the mood to earn significant profits. Wait for some time to fix things, clear out your budget and set up your business empire accordingly. Always swear by the proverb, ‘’slow and steady wins the race!’’

Analyze the strengths

Another important factor that you should focus upon is to check the strengths of your company. Make your efforts shine through all your ordeals. Never misuse your power, in order to gain instant profits. The more you look into the good things, the better it would be for your own business. Therefore, keep track of all major writing goals, so as to receive satisfactory gains. 

Completing a SWOT analysis is always a great idea. It stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In writing this I realize I haven’t done this in a long time. I’ll be doing a fresh one directly after this post is published. Another great reminder to focus on 1-2 things an no more as well.

Always keep mentors to guide you

If you aren’t sure as to how to start your business, then let some experts lend a helping hand. The mentors will effectively guide you through the process of starting the blogging business, with adequate planning. Ultimately, you require readers to read your blog. Therefore, you need not stress out here, but focus on reaching your own business aim. 

Having mentors is a very important aspect of success. No successful person got to where they are without them. Bruce Lee wouldn’t be the man he was unless it was for Ip Man. Same to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Page as Bill Campbell was to them.

But here’s the thing. Your “mentor” doesn’t necessarily need to know you exist. Finding a traditional mentor can be very stressful and challenging these days. So, I recommend watching YouTube videos of people you look up to instead. Gary Vee is a perfect example. Everybody wants him to be their mentor but 99.9999999999999% of people who want him to be their mentor won’t learn under him. He’s only got so much time in the day and he has to work on his own projects as well. This allows him to realistically only 1-2 apprentices at a time.

“What can I do instead?” You can get all the learning, motivation, and mentorship from watching these successful marketers’ YouTube videos, podcasts or reading their books.

“I still feel like something is missing”. That’s okay, it’s normal to feel that way. The best suggestion I have for you is joining some Facebook groups that are in your niche that have people with a similar mindset to you. I’d also recommend finding a group that isn’t too large. I find it’s too hard to make personal connections with groups that are too large. Try to find a group that’s between 50-1000 members. A lot of people won’t be fully active either. It’s likely a group of 50 members may only have 5 or so people that post or comment every day.

Make your own business plan

why you should always make a business plan

Finally, for any kind of business to flourish on ideal grounds, keeping up with a plan is truly essential. Along with all essential and incredible ideas, formulate a budget too. This can be either low or high, somewhere starting between $1 if all you want to start with is a domain and use free hosting, for now, all the way up to $50. You shouldn’t need to budget anything more than that in the beginning.

Get 2 years of fast, reliable, web hosting with outstanding customer service to host your WordPress blog under.

Therefore, verbalize your plan, let it grow and sink in your ideas to start the business. 

Thus, with all of the above tips, the actual framework of starting the blogging and freelance content writing business will smoothly happen, without any complex situations!

A business that individuals can start at home:

The modern society is happy to incorporate lots of ideas into the corporate world. When setting up your blogging atmosphere, you can also think of getting it done from your home. In simple terms, ‘’work from home’’ is the latest label that focuses on start-ups and other formulations, with the intention of easy business launches. Working from home has its own advantages, the main idea concentrating on comfort. Thus, if you are planning to start your business from home, here are some good ideas that you can experiment with.

Starting a freelance travel company

There are so many perks associated with working from home. In order to utilize this precious time, there are so many wonderful business ideas that you can come up with. If you love to help others in terms of planning trips, then starting a freelance travel company is not a bad idea at all. This work can be easily managed from home, and you can call in your friends to help you on the weekends. Just get some affordable web hosting, design your website, and you are ready to help out those in need. Plus, you can update your own content online, and help people travel the world smoothly!

If you do want to hire out the work of building and designing your website, I’d highly recommend this particular seller on Fiverr. He makes automated blogs but he’s able to complete any type of web hosting job you need. He was the one who designed the website you’re reading now. It started out as an auto-blog, but I ended up wanting more control. So, I started a clean slate and now you see what it’s become.

Of course, your travel company website should have a blog section. It could even be your homepage or at least a section on it. There are plenty of topics you can write about when it comes to a travel website. Some examples are travel tips, booking tips, recommended hotels and flights, best destinations, best sightseeing in said destinations, and so on.

Have trouble coming up with a starting point for blog posts? No problem! I can provide you with over 8700 travel PLR articles. These articles are like painting from a canvas that isn’t blank. They will get you pointed in the right direction. All you need to do is rewrite them and throw in some long-tail keywords.

Additionally, you can make affiliate earnings from recommending hotel and flight bookings from bigger websites. Check out this detailed list of travel affiliate programs for bloggers.

Running a freelance food content writing channel

Do you have a sensitive palate, and the culinary world excites you the most? Then nothing can be better than starting a business in this niche itself. Apart from running a catering business, you can start your own food critic freelance content writing site. You can probably review restaurants and upload basic information accordingly. This business is slowly gaining roots, just because it is exciting and fun at the same time. Also, you can, later on, form your own food critic team and hire enthusiasts for publishing journals too. Isn’t that amazing?

Want some inspiration? Take a look at this keto diet Instagram account. It has plenty of great posts that stimulate your creative thinking.


One of the best businesses you can run from home is to start blogging. Blogging refers to the idea of starting your own blog, to ideally follow your own passion. Sometimes, you can turn this hobby of yours into a vast business strategy. Blogging helps in earning lots of potential money. This is only if you are able to upload freshly-brewed and quality content. Blogging ensures that you nurture your creativity with you always. Plus, the idea of blogging as a business can be started from home itself and can successfully be done for under 50 dollars.

To make blogging easy for you, pick up some PLR articles, ebooks, quotes, videos and more. Each topic package is only $5.

An educational Content writer

If you are passionate about writing, then no business can be better than to start an educational content writing firm. Here, all writers will work under one roof, helping other companies reach their writing goals. This business is easy to start from the comfort of your home too. Once you establish the business, you can hire writers and let them work for you. Content writing is now one of the fastest-growing business fields, which will cross the million-dollar mark someday!

Travel content writer

how to start a travel blog

Now, this would be a simpler business strategy compared to the above-mentioned one. You can simply just stick with blogging and have some affiliate links vs. going all-out making an authority website similar to this one.

For all travel enthusiasts out there, it is never too late to realize your own travel goals and start to take it into business as a travel writer. Here, you are your own boss, and writing true travel stories is your job. You can set up things, and hire individuals similar to you, for expansion of the business. Within no time, you can be recognized as the biggest travel writer firm too. Also, travel writers can start planning itineraries as well, helping other companies with national and international travel!

How to earn lots of money with your blogging and writing business?

One of the major reasons as to why your main intention is to join any kind of business is to make money. There is no kidding that individuals tend to be quite as passionate as an entrepreneur. Keep in mind that their end goal is to earn money. Overall, whether you are working from home, or running to your cubicle, the task of having a business has its own perks. There are typically some ways, in which writers and bloggers aim at making loads of money. You of course always want to make your number 1 focus on your customers. This will create trust between you and your customer. Naturally, the money will follow. Some strategies are as follows:

Targeting the right audience

When you are blogging, everything should be targeted within a niche. This is because you have to get in touch with a worldwide audience. You also need a good team to assist you in the process of developing great content. Although there are lots to invest here, the profits that you reap are excellent as well. Thus, if you think of becoming a content writer or a blogger, find ways to impress first, by being creative.

Choosing a niche can sometimes be difficult. If you’re having trouble discovering one, I have a quick tip. Are you a fan of woodworking, but realize that woodworking is too big of a niche? Go into a sub-niche to stand a chance at growing your blog. For example, you could write a blog at only making cabinets, or carving wooden ducks.

Writing good content online

It is always recognized that ‘’the pen is mightier than the sword’’. On that note, starting your writing business online can also provide you with instant profits. In today’s generation, basic importance is given to good writers and good writing. Ensure you establish a company that is going to provide amazing write-ups. Then you will definitely secure more and more money. Later on, you can hire other writers too, just for business expansion!

Getting started with e-commerce

If you are acquainted with the field of technical writing, then the best business ideas to make money is to get into e-commerce. You should, of course, sell products that are related to your niche. You don’t have to front any money either. You can simply dropship your products. Check out how to start a dropshipping business for free? This specific space can be dedicated to any sector you like. This can be related to healthcare, any type of service, etc. In addition to that, you can make a platform, where thousands can assimilate and take action against negative things happening in society. Thus, positive aspects can be targeted through the e-commerce business platform that you are planning to build. At the end of the day, you will definitely have more money in your pockets. 

Digital content marketing 

If you are aiming for high profits, then the digital content marketing business will definitely fulfill your dream. Here, you can get in touch with practices of SEO and use it in all forms of business advertising and promotions. In fact, this business venture can help other brands successfully take initiatives, in order to receive recognition. In other words, digital marketing has the capability of reaping extra profits. With every business promotion that you are part of, huge amounts are coming your way. Therefore, take some time out to plan perfectly on the perks of digital marketing!

Small business ideas easy to plan and implement with your blogging and freelance content writing schedule:

There are so many tactics that can help you start your own side business. As already stated, starting slow and steady is the real key to successfully take your business to a whole new level. This means that the serious implementation of business plans should start in order to acquire significant gains. 

One of the most important criteria that require your business to flourish is an investment. Monetary strength is of prime importance, in writing and blogging, knowing that your empire will have no value, unless and until you do not have enough money in your pockets. Therefore, strategizing and allocation of funds for starting your business is definitely a priority here. You don’t need to worry about funds any longer though. Our blog is here to help you start an online business for next to free.

The final thought:

Now that you have all the basic ideas of starting your own blogging business, you should carefully analyze your team and roughly translate your ideas to reality. Make up your business perspective and plan things accordingly. Always remember that there is ‘’ no lazy road to success’’. As ‘’Rome was not built in a day’’, so accordingly, you have to accept failure at times and move forward. Always have an optimistic idea towards your business, so that you can eventually catch up with your victory. Ultimately, your site of business doesn’t matter; what matters is quality and satisfaction!

Remember to have patience, especially with driving organic traffic from your blogging efforts.

I feel like I’ve answered “How to get started with blogging” quite well. If you have any further questions, I will try my best to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

Well, I hope you’ve learned something. This blogging and freelance content writing page will be great to come back to when you’re making your business  become a reality.

If you did learn something, please share this post with your friends on social media. I’m sure they’ll find as much value out of it as you did.

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