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How To Start A Retail Arbitrage Business For Less Than $200?

How To Start A Retail Arbitrage Business For Less Than $200?

how to start a retail arbitrage business for less than

People are starting to invest money in retail arbitrage in order to earn profits. Learn how to start a retail arbitrage business for less than $200.

In recent times, the concept of retail arbitrage has been getting popularized a lot. This is because retail arbitrage is one of the most profitable online businesses. Retail arbitrage is the act where people buy products and goods in a local retail store and then sell those goods and products in an online marketplace such as eBay to get profits. People buy products from the most reliable stores so that the products are assured and of good quality. There is a chance to always get more profits at an online platform.

This act has proven to be one of the most profitable online business options which earns a lot of money using this technique of buying and selling of goods. The online marketplace is a vastly growing business all across the world. With rapid digitalization and everything going digital, online retail stores have grown in relevance and many people are making their purchases online. It is easily accessible, and one can even get the products that are unavailable in their region. Therefore, many people have also seen a scope in the retail arbitrage industry.

How to start doing retail arbitrage for under $200?

Retail arbitrage is one of the fastest growing of the most profitable online business models. Many sellers are now looking for full-time career options in this industry. It has several advantages that will be discussed further in this article. This retail arbitrage business is said to increase with the growth of digitalization and an increase in the online marketplace.

Many new sellers while researching before starting a business in retail arbitrage wonder about the budget. Many of these sellers are new to the business of retail and selling. They question the capital required to set up a resale business. The first thing they ask is how to start a retail arbitrage business for less than $200? Is it possible? Do they need a bigger budget to start their business?

Retail arbitrage can be started with a minimum budget of 100 to 200 dollars.

This is possible because there are a lot of sellers on online retail stores with thousands of products. With these thousands of products available comes a wide range of prices to choose from.

If one company is not putting up a lot of products online, there are still competitors selling other products. One can invest gradually as they start to see substantial profits coming in.

How do I determine which products to buy?

how to know what products to buy

To follow this concept of retail arbitrage, one must follow a very planned out and organized approach. One must always browse through various e-commerce websites to see which online store works best for them. Some ideas for websites to browse are Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Home Depot, and Target. These companies already do the work for you. They find the products that are most popular among online buyers and invest money in purchasing those products from the department or retail store before selling them online.

However, the businessmen who uses this concept of retail arbitrage often faces the question of why would consumers buy their product online when they can get the same product for a cheaper price at a traditional, land-based retail store. For this, the businessman must understand how the retail business works and how it benefits them.

Many buyers now prefer shopping online

In the age of the digital revolution, people are becoming more and busier. With wages not rising in accordance with consumer costs, it’s common for individuals to work 2 or even 3 jobs to pay the bills. This ends up leaving the consumer with less time to do everything. Something has to get cut and I’m sure people don’t want to cut their relaxing time.


So, this means that there’s an opening in the online marketplace for you. This really helps make this one of the most profitable online businesses. You can shop around at local stores for items you know have a good enough profit margin. Else, you can buy items from one online marketplace and sell on another.

Having your own retail arbitrage website

how to choose the best wordpress hosting company

There’s also the option of having your own website and selling these goods. If you’re interested in getting this setup, I highly recommend Hostinger as a web host. To boot, I recommend them because they are one of the cheapest options on the internet but who doesn’t sacrifice speed, uptime, or customer service. Blue Host and Host Gator you see recommended all over the internet requires you to buy 3 years of hosting to get even an okay deal. With Hostinger, you only have to pay $30 USD ($40 CAD) for an entire year! Or, to test things out you can purchase 1 month for $6 USD ($8 CAD).

How does the retail business benefit the businessperson?

Each retail company has lots of branches and stores. These retail stores have cheap products and a steady flow of customer-base no matter what day it is. These retail stores are consistent with the products and the stock they carry. They have all kinds of products, from food to clothing to footwear to jewelry. Therefore, the customer’s flood in and bring huge profits to the businessperson involved in the retail store business.

How does this affect you? You can get a piece of the pie by investing in products of high demand from popular retail stores. Whenever you’re shopping, keep an eye out for common products customers purchase. Then, look online if there’s profit to be made. Also, you can go on a scouting mission to solely watch what consumers commonly buy from each popular retail store.

How can you do Retail Arbitrage?

This is the first question that comes to mind when starting retail arbitrage. You may want proof into why this is one of the most profitable online businesses. One should always find an answer to where to get the products from and how to sell them. Below are the important steps in how to start a retail arbitrage business for less than $200.

Choosing the right product

If one doesn’t find out the products they want to sell, it’s kind of hard to get started and they will not make profits. One should choose a product that sells the best given its price. Spend time searching the right products at the retail stores and do proper research. The higher the sales volume will be on online retail stores, the more chances it will be to have higher sales and profits.

Remember to consider online marketplace sellers’ fees. There are online calculators you can use to ensure you’re actually making a profit and putting it to its max.

Final Fee Calc is a great free resource for calculating eBay and Paypal fees and profits.

Setup an account

Tactical Arbitrage assists one to discover the finest arbitrage opportunities for the purchase of the products and then to resell them at a profit on an online retail store. One must set up a seller account on the online retail store website to get started. After signing up, one is ready to go.

Moreover, Tactical Arbitrage is great for both new and seasoned sellers. They have monthly and yearly plans. With their yearly plans, you can save between 15 and 25%. Or if you really want to test the waters, you can start with a weekly plan.

You don’t need to download any software either. Tactical Arbitrage is available completely online.

Additionally, they also offer a 7-day free trial. Ideally, you should plan out your business before starting the 7-day free trial. This allows you to take full advantage of it likely netting you enough profit to start paying monthly and soon yearly.

Set a price for products

Examine the price history of the product that you are selling. Always compare the prices with other existing sellers who are doing well and receiving good ratings and reviews from customers. Besides, this will give you a picture as a seller of the best price range that is best given to the nature and characteristics of your product.

Ship the products

how to ship retail arbitrage products

Create a shopping wish-list at local retail stores for a well-planned and organized shopping experience. After the products are purchased or delivered, pack the products and ship them to the online retail stores’ warehouses and let the online store handle the rest of the process.

Every online retailer has different programs for selling your products out of their warehouses. You’ll need to look into the specifics of your chosen online retail warehouse program(s) to get started.

Use profits to grow the business

After one starts to generate profits on their chosen online retail stores, take that profit and invest it in growing the business further. Reinvesting the profits in goods that hold higher value will help generate more profits and hence profit the reseller. This will help in the expansion of the arbitrage business.

What are the advantages of retail arbitrage?

There are many benefits of retail arbitrage. Some of the major advantages are as follows:

The range of products is always widening

Retail arbitrage allows businessmen to use the business model in conjunction. It is hard to believe that not all online retail stores have every single type of product. Various items are unavailable because of the supply chain agreements that are conventionally used. Therefore, these online retail stores prefer buying these products from third-party sellers and then resell them on their retail store platform online. This concept increases the range of products.

Don’t feel scared of being the middleman. Modern retail arbitrage has been going on for many years. There has always been great profit and seems likely to always be profit within retail arbitrage.

Low capital investment

retail arbitrage for cheap

A person who wishes to start a retail arbitrage business can begin with a budget of very low capital. One can start a retail arbitrage with only 100 to 200 dollars. Even if they are making a few sales, online retail stores do not charge subscription fees. However, when the sales increase and become constant, one will have to upgrade their account to a professional seller account from their personal seller’s account. This account then is considered to be a business account. Since one can invest in this business with low capital, there is a lesser risk of capital losses and lesser expenses. This is the reason why this concept attracts so many sellers to resell the products.

Thanks to the digital age we live in, we can give thanks to many affordable business opportunities. It used to be the case where you’d need at least $10,000 to start a business. The worse thing is, you didn’t use to have the internet to do market research. All of your research had to be done offline. This made entrepreneurship a very hard career to get into. Only people who came from wealthy families were able to pursue entrepreneurship.

Thankfully, it’s not like that at all nowadays. There are even businesses you can start for completely nothing. You can start a dropshipping business for free even.

Consulting is another business model you can start for free as well.

Private labeling

Retail Arbitrage helps in opening the door to private labeling. Resellers can sell products that are labeled under a private brand or label. This is a more reliable and stable manner to design a successful online business. This is ideally what you’re want to get into after you’ve successfully built up your retail arbitrage business.

Furthermore, having your own brand is one of the greatest investments you can make. Not only can you make a very good amount of money, but you will feel accomplished in having your own private label brand.

Learn how to use an online retail store

The resellers who adopt this business model get familiar with all the concepts on online selling and purchasing. They learn how to use the online retail, a seller account, how to use the dashboard, how to formulate best shipping strategies and techniques, how to do the labeling of the products, how to price the goods, how to link their bank account with their seller account and how to accept and collect payments. They help channel all the challenges faced by them and learn how to set up a successful online business.

Don’t wait!

You don’t need to wait until you’re an expert on retail arbitrage to get started. Most of what you need to learn is learned from running the actual business. You should always do your adequate research and planning. However, you shouldn’t take too long in this or you’ll never end up taking action.

Envision the dream

how to visualize my big income goal

Visualizing the benefits created from your eventual retail arbitrage business can help you achieve your dreams. One study showed that those who wrote down their goals were 39.5% more likely to achieve them. That same study found that if you visualized these goals as well as the actions you need to achieve them that you are 67% more likely to achieve your goals.

Better organization

Retail arbitrage helps the resellers be more organized and planned. That’s because in the business you’re required to keep stock organized as well as your online listings organized as well. This will likely overflow into your everyday normal life. This allows you to have more outings with your family with the saved time.

Service to the customer

Handling the queries and complaints of the customers can be a tedious and challenging task. Online retail stores help the resellers to act on their behalf as the customer service providers and they stay professional with handling the customers all the time. This is great news for sellers, as they don’t have to handle customer queries and grievances.

Customer service can weigh you down a lot emotionally. So, be happy that you don’t have to deal with it.


This concept creates entrepreneurship skills in an individual. By doing so, it teaches people a lot of good qualities such as increased efficiency, time management, better delegation and much more. Someday, you may very well be able to teach what you learned along the way to your friends and family, or even at paid seminars.

Slow days

There will be times where the retailers you shop at both online and offline don’t have too good of a selection. In these times, you should focus on the next best upcoming products for sale and keep an eye on trends. Also, this is the perfect time for you to sell any excess stock you have of items that didn’t end up working out.

Sometimes you will make bad investments. You should do everything you should to avoid this, but it does happen. You can only sit on products for so long because the space is costing you money too.

On the slow days, one should consider listing their bad investments online and try to at least break even.

Better communication

Whether it is reselling the products or using promotional ways to boost sales or handling a retailer complain retail arbitrage helps to build better communication skills.

If as a seller, one is gravitating towards this business model, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.

Some quick but important tips when it comes to retail arbitrage

* One should always look for clearance sales.
* Creating friendly and cordial relationships with employees will help the resellers get regular  notifications about the clearance stock.
* One should always go into the store with a clear perspective about which products they think will work for them and which won’t.
* Try avoiding making wrong decisions.
* Always make sure that the items that are purchased are in good working condition.
* Check for any faults or defects in the products before buying them.
* Do not compromise on the quality for quantity.
* Always be aware of such conditions before investing your money on the purchases.
* Compare different products and their prices and choose one that suits the budget and has the highest  potential to compete with other products in the online marketplace of your choosing. Follow well planned and strategic techniques to start the retail arbitrage business.

If you enjoyed how to start a retail arbitrage business for less than $200. If you learned something,  share this article with your friends and family. I’m sure it will be a great read for them. Who knows, you could end up being business partners and sharing deals each of you finds.

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