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Easy How To Do Insight Meditation For Personal Development

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Easy How To Do Insight Meditation For Personal Development

easy insight meditation for personal development

It’s very frustrating when you realize you’ve been on auto-pilot for years. But, where do you start? Insight meditation for personal development is where.

Meditation and mindfulness are amazing skills that have been popular around the entire globe for quite some time. This is thanks to Buddhist monks coming over from the East in the last century. They brought their great knowledge and wisdom. The benefits are so good, you’ll wonder where meditation has been all your life after you start. Benefits can include lowered stress, anxiety, depression and anger. It can also lower blood pressure, regrow grey brain matter, create strong heart health as well as several dozens of other benefits. 

Understanding Why You Need Insight Meditation

It’s too easy to get stuck on auto-pilot. You wake up, have breakfast (maybe), go to work, come home and watch TV. Then, on the weekends if you’re lucky you have a bit of fun and relaxation. Insight meditation can be an amazing tool to end this auto-pilot syndrome and become your true self.

Taking a small amount of time each day to reflect on your choices and experiences can be very powerful. From my research, it seems many people are recommending you ideally do 1 hour of meditation per day. Now, I’m assuming you could split this up into different forms and time blocks too. Anapanasati meditation is where you simply follow your breath and feel the sensations from such in your body. Mindfulness meditation can also be very helpful. This is where you focus your mind on your emotions, thoughts, and sensations in the present moment. Those are just a few examples of different forms of meditation that may stand out to you.

How To Get Started With Insight Meditation

1 hour a day will be a lot for most people just starting out. I recommend trying to start with 5 minutes per day and working up from there. Having some relaxing music, dim lighting, and calming scents can help too.

If you still feel 5 minutes is too much, start with simply 1 focused breath per day. When you do this 1 focused breath, seed a thought of something that happened in your past you want to analyze.

It doesn’t matter how little you start out with. What matters is you’re rearranging the neurons in your brain to form the habit of doing this exercise. The more and more you do it, the easier it will get.

The whole 21 days to build a habit is a myth. A study by the University College of London proved that it takes as few as 18 days to 245 days with 66 days being the sweet spot.

This may seem overwhelming at first. But think about how fast those days would go by if you stayed on auto-pilot. Would you rather have accomplished next to nothing? Or, would you rather have accomplished creating an extremely powerful habit? I think the choice is obvious.

*Note* I do think that people need to be ready to change. This isn’t to say you should keep coming up with excuses to not make a change. Sometimes you just have more important things to deal with or are extremely overwhelmed or stressed. But, once this passes, that’s when you make an effort to start the change. If several months go by and you find you’re still too “busy”, you’re likely just coming up with excuses at that point.

After you’ve done that, spend some time figuring out how long it takes you to reach complete relaxation. Obviously, you’ll have to get used to meditating in the first place. When you first start you likely won’t be fully relaxed before this next step. It’s important to eventually know how long it takes you to relax so you know how much time to set aside for a total session.

Before you start, place a pen & journal or a laptop open with Word on the screen beside you. Now, sit in a comfortable position. It doesn’t matter how you sit as some experts claim. The most important thing is to be comfortable. You could be sitting on a chair, a pillow, a yoga mat, etc. I would recommend having good posture though so your brain can work at peak efficiency. So, I wouldn’t recommend sitting on a couch.

Once you’re completely relaxed and you feel your mind at ease, pose yourself a question. This question is something you’re seeking answers to and requires insight in solving it.


DO NOT try and answer the question. Instead, let your subconscious throw answers at you. Don’t be bothered if some answers come up that bother you. Just let them come in and out. Try not to get over-excited either because you may lose your focus and more possible answers won’t come into your mind.

Now, your brain has thrown all the answers it can at you. I suggest staying in a deep meditative state and continuing for a bit longer. One or two solutions may pop up but either way, you’ll be more relaxed.

What do I do with these calm-minded thoughts that popped up?

calm minded thought insight meditation

Now that you’ve finished your insight meditation for personal development, what do you do with these thoughts? Well, you immediately write down all of the ones you can remember. If you find you’re only remembering around half don’t worry about it. As you practice more, your memory will get stronger.

Sit on these written down thoughts for at least a few days. Let them sink into the logical thinking part of your brain. Afterward, you should be able to choose whatever thought seems to be the best answer to your original question.

Obviously, if you have very deep-rooted issues I recommend going to see a therapist. This strategy, however, is for day to day struggles like not being able to get up when your alarm goes off, or not starting to work on your side hustle idea, etc.

You may feel like you know the best answer to your dilemma immediately after writing them all down. Or, it could take you a week or two.

Practice Meditation To Get A Deeper Understanding

deeper understanding insight meditation

With practice, you’ll be able to get to deeper relaxation much faster. This will allow you to pose your question sooner allowing you to spend more time in complete bliss. Likewise, you will train your subconscious mind to get more used to answering your questions. Like training the logical muscle part of your brain.

Practice, practice, practice and you will grow further every day. Consistency is more important than a one-hour session once per week. Do 5 minutes a day if that’s all you’re able to handle. It’s much better than the ladder.

My Personal Experience With Insight Meditation

I’ve used this strategy for several years. It has helped me get through life’s struggles and low motivation points in my life. When I first started, I was so inconsistent with the method. Picking up the practice for a few days than not doing it for a month or two.

Eventually, I got to the point where I did it a few times a week. Only the past year have I been able to do it on a far more consistent basis.

I used to lie in bed for 12 hours per day and not know what to do with my life. Life was pretty hard then with dealing with depression at the same time. I sought medical help of course, but I also implemented meditating in different ways.

It was difficult at first. I had trouble knowing what answer I felt was the best one after completing this practice. Eventually, though I trained my psych and grew as a human being.

Since then I’ve felt so much better in general. Obviously, this is not the only thing that contributed to such. However, it was definitely a huge impact.

I hope you’ll take action!

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