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Is Swagbucks Worth It In 2020?

Is Swagbucks Worth It In 2020?is swagbucks worth it in 2020?


Everyone wants to make money online but is too lazy to do much.

Swagbucks is a platform that has been around for ages. For micro-task websites, it’s definitely one of the oldest and it’s stuck around for good reason. People often wonder, is swag bucks worth it? I often wondered the same thing myself. I was first in high school when I first discovered Swagbucks. I remember being lazy and just jumping on all of the easiest bonuses I could grab. I ended up cashing out for some random baseball cards. I wasn’t really even into baseball cards that much ever. They were just the cheapest prize that caught my eye. I remember when they showed up in the mail that I was both surprised and happy. To know that I did barely any work to get something I could actually hold in my hand. I remember my Dad was amazed that they actually showed up. Now that I’m a bit older, I wanted to answer again: is swag bucks worth it? So, I did a little research.

The advent of technology is fascinating in one way or the other. The gradual increase in better quality of websites and customer participation is opening the doors of improvement and change. In order to function in the executive world, a lot of stress is paid attention to the understanding of surveys. In simple words, surveys refer to an amalgamation of various opinions on a set of questions, which defines a particular matter or an incident. These surveys are helpful in defining opinion and making it easier to conduct various market researches.

While traditional surveys were tough indeed, the ideal 21st-century survey is conducted online. One of the best ways that individuals today can participate in surveys is through websites and applications. Coming to applications, Swagbucks is on high demand, as it offers free survey listings, concerning various topics. Companies and various brands, all over the world, are engaging the public medium to gain information and opinions. Therefore, all types of surveys through Swagbucks are based on own personal opinions of individuals, thereby allowing a brand to analyze its further scope. 

Keeping up with the competitive atmosphere of Swagbucks, there is one thing that strikes all individuals- ‘’is Swagbucks worth it?’’. Therefore, let’s take a look at the various facts and features of this survey app!

A brief history of Swagbucks!

is swagbucks worth it in 2020?

Swagbucks is considered to be one of the best and most famous rewards and loyalty service platforms, which helps in attaining surveys. The surveys are conducted through an online mode, resulting in a huge number of participants from all over the globe. The Swagbucks program doesn’t conform to one platform only. In fact, various companies and brands have partnered with the application, to make it easier to come to a specific conclusion. Generally, individuals can access any survey they like, based on the list of topics. The contents will further help in deciding the right survey for an individual. 

Swagbucks pays individuals for their individual survey effort. These rewards come in the form of real cash, as well as gift cards. These can be used whenever possible. The cash is directly transferred to one’s account, through Paypal and other online payment modes. When taking gift cards, individuals can use them for purchasing any item they like. 

You also have the option of purchasing physical goods. And, if you’re feeling extra generous, you can donate your points to a good cause of your choice. 

Is it fun?

is swagbucks fun?

Is Swagbucks fun you might ask? Yes! I can say from experience that Swagbucks can be tons of fun. Sure, it’s not the greatest paying job in the world, but you can do it in almost any situation. There are so many different types of questions and surveys you can answer. Also, there’s a video section where you can earn some Swagbucks too. The video playlists have some really neat topics covering pretty much everything you could imagine. Think about it like this, if the genre exists on YouTube, then you can watch similar videos on Swagbucks…and get paid for it! Also, watching the video playlists is easy, you can be sitting on your couch and you just need to click next playlist after about every 6 videos. This can be a great way to earn semi-passive income.

Now, if you’re just in it for the cash and don’t want to pay attention that’s cool too. Make sure you pay at least ¼ attention when filling out surveys. This is because there are measures put in place to make sure you’re answering honestly. These look like “Please select strongly agree”. Honestly…you don’t need to answer honestly other than those specific questions ; ). You can breeze through the questions that are opinion-based. Just make sure there’s some logic to your answers. This is because some of the questions are reverse questions. The last thing you want to do is select you strongly agree with that the company is fairly priced but then also strongly agree that they’re not fairly priced.

Like I said above, just paid no less than ¼ attention and you’ll be fine. Also, a quick tip! If you’re unemployed, I wouldn’t recommend putting unemployed as your job title. This is because survey companies will see that you don’t have as much disposable income so they won’t be as interested in your opinions sadly. Also, if you earn within the minimum amount of income per year, always put at least the second bracket for the same reason. For example: do you make under $10,000, $10,000 to $15,000, $15,000 – $25,000. etc. Never select under $10,000 or whatever is the lowest, always put at least the second option. I mean, you can always choose a higher one, but just make sure to stay consistent with your stories across all the surveys so you don’t get in trouble.

Likewise, don’t choose too high a salary either, they may become suspicious and a really high salary a lot of marketers aren’t interested in their opinions either. This is because while big earners have a lot of disposable income, they’re generally smart with their money and don’t purchase consumer goods often. It’s mostly the middle-class Swagbucks is interested in surveying because they have the cash but aren’t smart with it.

The basic features of Swagbucks: How to participate and earn through surveys?

Using the website, the Swagbucks application is easy to use and can be accessed for surveys. There is so much to take note of when defining the nature of this online survey platform. If you are to earn big, then participation in surveys is a must. There are no limitations to the number of surveys you take in a day. Therefore, some of the most attractive features of Swagbucks, are as follows:

  • There are two main processes involved in the process of earning big through Swagbucks surveys. The first step is to search for the right kind of survey, the particular topic involved and its appropriate knowledge. Users can monitor the survey through the application, and answer the questions as listed. 
  • Sometimes, the questions are easy. On the other hand, you need to do a little brainstorming as well. The mobile application version also assists you in coming up with the questions of the survey.
  • Once you complete one whole survey, you need to click on the submit button. Now, a poll will be available online, which will analyze the quality of your survey. Based on your answers, you will receive your rewards, either in the form of cash or simply a gift card. 
  • Redeeming the vouchers is pretty simple. The gift cards can be availed at any point of time, and used as per the terms and conditions of the process!

Swagbucks is one such platform that lets you optimize the results of your survey. The valuable time spent on giving the survey is paid for successfully. Therefore, there is no hard and fast rule for taking the survey through Swagbucks. However, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the topic you are surveying!

Things you need to have for taking the online Swagbucks survey:

Swagbucks survey can be taken through its original website or even through the mobile application. Before you even start the survey, you need to have the following elements:

  • A stable internet facility, which will direct you to the survey platform. Take note that the Swagbucks app cannot be used offline. Therefore, you need to have good WIFI or internet to participate in the survey. 
  • Keep your email ID and password ready. Do not mistype your password at any cost, which will lead to unnecessary delays in the survey. 
  • If you are interested in taking live surveys, then you must be online, as per the significant time shared with you. Here, details will be emailed to you beforehand, to the concerned email ID. Take note of the survey timings, in order to participate in it and win exciting offers!

Is Swagbucks really safe?

is swagbucks safe?

If you are in a mood to earn free gifts, amazing vouchers, and coupons, then Swagbucks is there to help you out. Here, just by taking simple surveys from big multinational brands. You can earn some exciting rewards in the form of cash and gift cards. The opinions that you present through your surveys are indeed precious, only because they add value to a particular brand. In addition to that, it also states the common public opinion as well, resulting in a deep analysis of the present marketing situation.

The biggest fear that individuals are concerned about is the authenticity and originality of these survey platforms. In order to get to the roots of practical information, there needs to be flexibility in the platform. Therefore, Survey sites like Swagbucks are 100% safe and don’t account for any type of fraud in the process of collecting surveys from individuals. No one needs to worry about the hustle with submitting information online. No one is going to cheat you of precious cash or use your gift cards. A special authentication takes place when you choose to do a survey with Swagbucks. This helps in maintaining clarity and tracks your performance too. 

Swagbucks is indeed reliable and companies seek for information and opinion, in the truest sense of the term. There are no scams or negative agents involved here, making it surely safe to take up surveys. Individuals need not add their credit card or bank details on the Swagbucks page. If you find anything suspicious related to your personal information, feel free to contact the customer care service for immediate help! Therefore, no you are clear with the question, “is Swagbucks safe?’’

The need to take surveys online!

Since you are now aware of the process, as to how does Swagbucks work, you will also be delighted to know the importance of taking online surveys. A bunch of survey specialists sits together to frame essential questions on particular topics. These questions are part of a bigger economic or corporate industry, aiming to improve client impression and form a better industrial relationship. Therefore, venturing into the world of taking online surveys helps to keep things clear and form better opinions, both negative and positive on a topic. 

Swagbucks is known to have more than 15 million participants from all over the globe. They are highly active, aiming to pour in their heart and soul into the element of answering survey questions. On that note, Swagbucks is able to give access to thousands of survey questions under one roof. This platform can also be seen as a simple money-making platform too, where you answer the questions to earn rewards. Therefore, every single online survey that you participate in online through Swagbucks, has an overall effect on the company as well as an organization that needs it. Accordingly, the potential to improve or stay the same is adjusted. 

Swagbucks does not hold any specific criteria for participating in the survey. This means that there is no discrimination held at any level. Individuals, from all sections, can participate in the survey, without any shade of doubt. The survey details are always listed on the current survey page. Individuals need to go through the page thoroughly so that they can create their own opinions. The questions consist of ‘’yes or no’’, or even ‘’one-line statement’’ answers. If you want to elaborate on an answer, you are most welcome to do so. 

The importance of surveys online!

Swagbucks is one such platform, with most providing surveys to individuals. These range from all sorts of topics, the most common of them are as follows:

  • Advertising importance
  • Brand awareness
  • Special product launch
  • Social effects of a particular product.
  • Appealing of various services

With all of the above topics, there are additional options available too. Therefore, Swagbucks is able to contribute to a higher survey qualification, where the chance to be acquainted with various services and products is totally possible. The main focus of taking these surveys is to keep things highlighted and transform the appearance of a particular product or service. Based on what customers think it to be, surveys help to cope up with new opportunities, allowing better transparency on the market front!

Reviewing details of making money through Swagbucks!

how to make money from swagbucks

Swagbucks stands out as the ultimate platform that is solely devoted to the process of paid surveys. None of the surveys conducted are for free, meaning that individuals receive cash prizes always. If you are interested in making money through Swagbucks, then registering on the platform is the first step that you should concentrate on. The details that you need to fill beforehand are as follows:

  • The first important thing is the individual’s full name and email ID. Here, the ID is the main focus, and details can be emailed to the ID anytime.
  • Once you type these two sections, a specific password also needs to be present. Make the password strong enough, in order to keep up with safety. Always keep a combination of special characters and numbers in the password, to further enhance the security of surveys. 
  • Once done, click on submit to create your very own Swagbucks account!

According to a major Swagbucks review, first-timers need to follow some definite rules, before they take the survey. This has nothing to do with any kind of personal information. Survey rules consist of the following important matters:

  • Swagbucks is commendable in terms of the features it showcases in the online platform. On that note, individuals interested in taking the survey should be familiar with the time frame allotted to one survey. This means that you do not get one full hour to complete one survey, but just minutes. 
  • Individuals taking part in the survey must be above the age of 18 years. No minors are entertained to take the survey at any cost. Verification is always conducted, once you register for surveying. If found guilty related to your age, you will not be allowed to take part in the survey at any cost. 
  • An important factor that individuals need to stay concerned about is that no one can attempt to take part in two surveys together. This means that you can take part in one survey at a time. The prize money or gift card is awarded only on completion of a full survey and submitting it. 
  • There is no specific compulsion on answering all questions in the survey. If you are doubtful or not interested in answering any question, leave the space blank. Unnecessary hampering of brand image or product details are not entertained. Here, your survey form might also get canceled, and you may not receive your rewards too. Therefore, it is advised that you answer the questions that you are aware of, and that too with honesty!

How much can you make?

how much can I make from swagbucks

While there are a lot of internet gurus out there saying you can earn $100 per day, this is mostly misleading. Swagbucks is essentially slave labor. But! Don’t let this stop you from filling out surveys. If you’re sitting on the couch watching TV, that’s a perfect time to fill out surveys. 

You don’t have to pay that much attention either. You can easily watch your favorite TV show and complete them. Just make sure you pay a bit of attention though because there are quality control questions. These questions are usually “please select strongly disagree”. If you aren’t paying enough attention and select too many of a random answer on these, that could end up hurting you down the road. The last thing you want is something that’s already barely paying you to even pay you less. So, just make sure you’re at least paying 25% attention.

Now what you really want to hear. How much can you make from Swagbucks? From my testing, you can commonly make around $3 USD per hour. Again, yes this is slave labor wages, but if you weren’t earning anything watching TV anyways, why not?

There are some offers where you can add your credit card and sign up for “free” trials. You can get paid a few dollars for these. Just make sure you cancel in time. Read the Swagbucks fine print though. If you cancel too soon, you may forfeit your reward earnings.

Lastly, there are offers for signing up for credit cards and bank accounts. If you have a decent credit score, you can use this to your advantage and make some quick cash. It’s common to get paid around $30 USD to open up a new credit card. I’ve even seen offers to open up a new bank account for around $25. That wouldn’t even require you to have any credit!

So, if you’re strapped for cash like in a crisis situation, this Swagbucks can be a nice supplement to your income. If you’re going hard on it every day, you could likely bring in around $50 per month. This would be enough to cover your cell phone bill which is quite important when you’re in an emergency.

Still want to sign up for Swagbucks? Get a free $5 bonus by signing up through this link.

The features of the Swagbucks application!

Apart from the refined features that the Swagbucks application lives for, there is a significant quality of the app that needs special mention. Once an individual takes part in a survey, you can save the survey and keep track of it all. This means that none of the information that you have shared online vanishes away. Even if you update the application to the recent version, none of the earlier survey data is lost. Plus, special notice of appreciation is sent on part of the Swagbucks team for congratulating you, every time you take part in the survey. Therefore, it is really worth the effort to spend some time filling in the survey forms and submitting them. 

Downloading the Swagbucks application!

With the improvement in various aspects of technology, the introduction of the Swagbucks application has created the possibility to attempt a survey on the go. Even if you are traveling, and have access to the internet, then taking the survey is totally possible. The best part of Swagbucks is that the application is available on both Android as well as IOS platforms. Therefore, a quick guide on how to download the Swagbucks application for a survey, are as follows:

Downloading Swagbucks on Android:

In order to access the Swagbucks application on Android devices, follow the steps below:

  • Check out for the latest version of the app, by visiting Google Play store. 
  • You can type the name of the app on the search engine and request for installation.
  • Before you download it, read the features and its proper use. Knowledge of Swagbucks, prior to its usage is really essential. 
  • Simply press on download and install the application.
  • Once done, simply follow the terms and conditions, to participate in huge surveys online. 

You can also access the settings of Swagbucks, directly through the application. The user-friendly interface, combined with the versatile survey options, makes this app, one of the best for online surveys, anytime and anywhere. 

Downloading Swagbucks on IOS:

Similar to the Google Play store, the Swagbucks application is also available on the Apple play store. While the steps for download and installation are pretty similar, you need special access to run the app on your Apple device. Therefore, IOS users need to adjust the settings beforehand, so that there are no complications involved in the process of downloading the app. Once done, you can take part in all kinds of surveys. It is also advised to download the recent or updated version of the application, in order to enjoy all perks of online surveys. 

The final solution: Is Swagbucks really worth it?

is swagbucks worth it in 2020

Swagbucks has indeed lived up to the expectations of all its users. Once the survey is completed, individuals are directed to a review window, where they can comment on the overall surveying experience through Swagbucks. Here, matters related to opportunities, quality of questions, the time allotted, etc., can be raised. This further helps in making the whole process friendly for all its participants. Swagbucks tries to maintain a degree of sophistication when it comes to surveys. Even if you have failed to receive your reward, just raise a query immediately. A special team will assist you in solving all your queries! Therefore, get in touch with the most exciting opportunity of taking online surveys with Swagbucks!

So, you wouldn’t love to earn some money when they normally wouldn’t be? I for one get quite excited knowing I can earn money online watching videos on my phone. Or, “watching” them when I’m actually watching my favorite TV show or movie. Rick & Morty anyone? Remember, while you can bs the system a decent amount an breeze through the surveys to maximize your earnings, always make sure to be paying at least 25% attention to not be tripped up by the quality assurence questions.

What are you waiting for? I know right after you read this article you’ll probably go sit on the couch to relax. Why not make some cash while doing it? Sign up below to create that extra freedom you need!

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I feel like I’ve answered “Is Swagbucks worth it in 2020” quite well. If you have any further questions, I will try my best to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

If you learned something which if you read the article you should have, please share this post with your friends on social media. I’m sure they’ll find as much value out of it as you did.

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