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Top 5 Businesses To Start For Under $200 In 2020

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Top 5 Businesses To Start For Under $200 In 2020

businesses to start for under $200 in 2020

Are you looking for businesses to start for under $200 in the year 2020? Do you know how to go about this idea of yours? 

If not, then there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we are going to talk about the top businesses to start at under $200. When you start something online, you do not have to stress about the cost of the start-up. Starting a business with the cash in your pocket, is that even close to possible? Let us check that out. So, if this is exactly what is on your mind, then stay tuned for further details in this article. 

Which are the top 5 businesses to start under for $200 in 2020? 

Publishing a blog: Our #1 most profitable online business options is blogging . Blogging seems to be a simple job but in reality, you can make plenty of money from it. Also, some bloggers have started small and simple and have earned a lot of money through their blogging. If you have the potential to start then you can get it sorted. Also, starting with blogging isn’t an expensive business either. If you want to start free then you can choose Blogger and with the right help from Google, you will be able to put Adsense ads on your blog so that you can easily generate some good revenue. 

blogging among other businesses to start for under $200

Of course, having your own web hosting will help you look much more professional. Having your own web hosting allows you to take advantage of platforms like WordPress. Most all web hosting platforms have 1 click installs for WordPress making your life so much easier. 1 click installs are a huge upgrade compared to manually uploading the files via FTP. 

There are a lot more ways to monetize your blog other than just Google Adsense as well. One of the best ways to monetize your blog is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you the referrer place your embedded link in some text within your blog post. Common places to put these embedded links are for products or services you recommend. There are plenty of great free affiliate marketing platforms out there to choose from. Clickbank is one of the most common ones around. Most of the offers there come with great affiliate resources allowing you to really sell said product or service. These resources can be email campaigns, promotional videos, ebooks, banners, etc.

Another great way for you to monetize your blog is through making YouTube videos about your niche. Yes, your income will be coming from YouTube, but having your videos embedded still helps drive traffic to your site.

Now let me tell you one of the best ways to rank your blog in under 6 months. Once you have your blog built and niche chosen, first post 10 1500-word articles. The topics of these articles are questions that seem to be not answered well on Google.

To find keywords for these articles or even the titles, start by first typing in your main keyword. For example, after you type “best blogging” start by typing “a” then see the 5 suggestions that pop up, “b” then see the 5 suggestions that pop up, “c” then see the 5 suggestions that pop up and so on. Use your best judgment for what you think the best questions are to answer for the topic of your first 10 blog posts. You can click the suggestion to see if Google even has good results for this query. If not, this is the perfect opportunity for you to claim that territory. 

Next, you’ll want to post 10 2500-word articles. Use the same keyword discovery trick I just told you. But now you can go for more medium competition keywords. When you click each search query, it’s okay if some relevant links pop up. Just make sure that these websites near the top have far less than the 2500-words you’re going to be writing for each article. I’d stick with out-writing sites that have no more than 2000-words for this part.

Lastly, you’ll want to write 10 blog posts at 3500 words each. These will be answers to questions that are a must in your niche. It’s okay if there is a decent amount of competition. What you’ll want to do is to still write high word-count and better quality.

On top of that, you can publish 10 3-5 minute YouTube videos to your blog that have to do with your niche.

Social media management service: Our #2 most profitable online business options is social media management. Well, people in different parts of the world are widely aware of Facebook but other social media platforms exist too. These platforms can be used by businesses in such a way that they can reach out to their customers to promote their services or products. This can be a huge business for you. Now, you must be wondering how this is made possible. This is your business that you help others make their presence online but before that, your business needs to have social media presence or “social proof” out there or else how would you promote another business? This also tends to be one of the easy businesses to start. So, to have a good online presence of your own, you must have the following on different social media platforms. What could this be? Let us check out the list mentioned below.

social media manager businesses to start for under $200

  • A minimum of 500 friends on Facebook
  • At least 100 connections on LinkedIn
  • 10,000 Twitter followers
  • A blog where you can write about your business success

Check out one of our recommended videos on how to gain your first 10,000 Instagram followers.

What could be the cost of all this be? Well, it is almost nothing! One of the simple and most essential things that are required to grow your business online time. Also, you need to make sure you are putting a lot of effort into your work so that it combines well with your time and gives fruitful results in the end. Keep this in mind, using a free platform for your blog isn’t very professional. Instead, you could spend at least $50 for the hosting of the website along with the name of your domain.

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting platforms out there. They’re not like Blue Host or Host Gator where you have to purchase at least 3 years of hosting to even get an okay deal. Hostinger’s plans are so cheap, going with their 1-year option is next to no cost out of your pocket. With that being said, they still offer amazing speed, uptime, and customer service. This keeps you way under the radar of businesses to start for under $200.

If you’re not the greatest at setting up sites, you can always freelance this out. Fiverr is a great website to find affordable yet quality services. Wpseo2015 is my go-to WordPress developer on Fiverr. He built the majority of the website you’re viewing now with minor tweaks from me.

The tutoring service: Our #3 most profitable online business options is tutoring. Becoming a tutor these days is simpler than you could imagine. You could browse through the many online tutoring websites available. Then simply make an account for yourself and get students. Also, your payments will be processed as quickly as they can. It is quite simple, easy and convenient to start an online tutoring business. But, you must check for the authenticity of the website before getting into anything else. Also, in this way, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money starting up a business.

best tutoring companies that hire in canada 2020

Here’s a quick list of our top 5 tutoring companies to work for.

1. VIPKid

VIPKid is one of the most popular and respected tutoring companies to work for on the internet. Here you will be teaching kids from China how to speak English. VIPKid offers very competitive pay at up to $22 USD per hour. You don’t need to know how to speak any form of language from China like Mandarin etc. Also, you are provided with the teaching materials for each lesson.

2. Tutor.com 

Tutor.com is a much more well-rounded platform you can teach on. They are a USA based company that might help you have a high sense of job security. There are many topics you can teach on with many class options within these topics. You can teach business, humanities, language, math, science, technology, and even test prep.

3. Revolution-prep

Revolution-prep is another USA based company. There are options to work for them both online and in-person. They offer quite amazing benefits such as a 401(k), health insurance, flexible time off. They also host fun things like Taco Tuesday, Free Lunch Fridays, and sun snacks always. If there’s one company that stands out on this list, revolution-prep is the one.

4. Smart Thinking

Smart Thinking has been in the game for over 20 years. In these 20 years, they’ve taught millions of individuals one at a time helping change their lives. There are over 150 subjects they allow you to teach on. This really opens the doors of opportunity if you’re not a fan of the traditional maths, science, English, etc.

5. Explore Learning

To wrap up this list by informing you of one of the most fun tutoring companies to work for. Explore Learning teaches kids with online math and science simulations. The company uses “gizmos” to help kids better understand math and science. There are over 400 gizmos the company has created to bring the best learning experience to the classroom. You’ll be teaching grades 3 through 12.

Tutoring is easily one of the best businesses to start for under $200. You can essentially start for free minus some classroom supplies you may want to purchase. Having some toys to aid in teaching will help with kids. For adults, maybe suggest in a white board and other things you’d think you’d find in a college classroom.

Yes, these websites bring the traffic to you. But, it’s always a good idea to have your own website. Any freelancer or business should have a website no matter what. You can get started with Hostinger. They have plans for as little as $0.99 per month. Check out their 1 year web hosting plan with a free lifetime SSL certificate priced at only $30. This is well under the quota of businesses to start for under $200.

Pet sitting: Our #4 most profitable online business options is pet sitting. If you love pets and know how to handle them well, then here is something that can work wonders for you. Well, this isn’t a very new concept but you can make a lot of revenue from this type of business. You could invest some amount into a place where you will pet sit the animals and then you can grow with time. You can extend your services to your friends and family who need to go on a vacation for a few days where they need their pet to be taken care of. You can start all by yourself but if this business is doing well then you can employ some people or even contractors to help you out with it. If you aren’t aware then you should know $100 are charged for an overnight stay by pet sitters while they charge about $30 for a 30-minute visit.

how to find a pet sitting job in canada 2020

Rover.com is a great website to get started on. Rover allows customers to hire workers like you to board dogs, house-sit, walk dogs, doggy day-care, and drop-in visits. They’re a very reputable company and the cut they take is minute compare to the opportunities they can offer you. That’s the benefit of selling on a platform that already has millions of users with high traffic.

Freelance content writing: Our #5 most profitable online business options is freelance content writing. You might be aware that freelance jobs are doing pretty well these days. If you have writing skills then you can check out some freelance content writing options. Various companies are looking out for part-time or even full-time employees. They offer you an experience certificate and also offer flexible hours of work. So, in this way, you can earn some money while you do something that you are amazing at – content writing.

A great site to get started on is Fiverr.com. Many people are doing what they love every day to earn thousands of dollars per month. It’s a free platform to get started on. I suggest offering rock bottom prices to get some initial reviews. Once you’ve accumulated at least 5 reviews, you can slowly start to raise your prices as you see fit.

Remember to have a quality gig image and professionally written gig description. Always use the maximum 1200 characters you have to describe each of your services.

Repeating gigs is also a great strategy. As a new seller, you’re able to offer 7 separate gigs. One could be writing meditation and yoga articles. Another could be writing articles about CBD. Furthermore, writing on entrepreneurship, cooking, working out, or really anything that has a big enough niche market.

Use your imagination when it comes to this. Just think of what your interests are, then choose some, list them, and write away.

How to start a business with no capital?

how to start a business with no capital

Have you have wondered how to start a business with no capital? Well, here we have listed out some tips for you that can help you with your business growth. Building businesses to start for under $200 will make your life easier compared to starting from completely zero capital.

  • Ask your family and friends for extra funding: you need to bear in mind that you are not asking for charity. All you are doing is asking your friends and family for support to start a new business idea. So, you can practice your sales pitch with them. Also, make sure that you ask them for their valuable feedback. This will always help you in improving your business. Apart from this, you need to have written records of who needs to be paid when.
  • Apply for small business loans: if you are seeking more capital for your business and you do not want to ask your friends or family then you could just take a loan from the bank. Also, there are lenders online who offer loan options to customers for investments in their business. If you opt for a traditional banking loan then you are likely to get better favorable terms. While the lenders online tend to be more lenient when it comes to getting all your requirements. Apart from that, you need to be on a lookout for high rates of interest.
  • You could also consider local funding options: getting grants for small businesses can get difficult sometimes. For getting those grants you will have to submit some applications as per the requirement. But you can always seek extra help from small local business administrators for better prospects and help.

Want to start a small business – what are the important tips?

If you have wondered what are the most successful small businesses? Then you should know that every small business can gain success with efficiency, time and effort. So, here are a few tips that you should be knowing if you intend on starting a small business.

The right people will make a huge difference: the main aspect to grow and keep a business running is hiring the right employees for a specific task. So, while looking out for the right employees for your small business start-up here are the few qualities you should look out for and then include the following:

  • Social intelligence: has a great sense of knowledge and can easily interact with others around them. 
  • Communication: you need to see that the person you are hiring for your business can communicate well with your clients or else it could lead to miscommunication. This will make situations bad to worse. 
  • Team spirit: all the team members must work cooperatively so that there is better productivity. 

Invest in customer service: with the right attitude, you can climb the ladder of your success. Having good customer service will have a positive impact on your business. People will consider that your business is the right choice for them based on how you decide to treat them. So, you must treat your customers with respect and they will keep coming back to you for more and better business. Also, if you treat a customer poorly, they are going to degrade the name of your business. This will affect the reputation of your business and thus become a nightmare for you. Thus, it is a must that your employees do their best to offer the best customer service to all the clients out there.

Business apps can be a great way to expand your business: you could always take help from tools or other resources that can help in automating duties which include payroll and human resources. So, explore through the internet and find some suitable apps that can help you achieve whatever you are looking out for. Finding the right tools to suit your needs and requirements is important. Also, make sure you take advantage of the automation benefits they have to offer. 

If hope enjoyed our top 5 businesses to start for under $200 in 2020. If you learned something,  share this article with your friends and family. I’m sure it will be a great read for them.

Want to share your story? Feel free to contact us. We could end up writing a blog article about how you got to where you are now.

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