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Why Small Business Owners Should Take Time Off

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Why Small Business Owners Should Take Time Off

why small business owners should take time off

A small business is by no means an easy task to deal with. That’s why small business owners should take time off. Every major corporate giant out there, no matter how massive in scale and size, once started as a tiny little organization. These tiny organizations were run by a handful of people before making it to the big leagues and gaining international recognition. In fact, it’s no overstatement that how a business performs in its initial growth can pave the way for the big achievements it wishes to call its own in the long run. And it’s no secret that the job for any owner is extremely stressful. Stress can make or break the business early on.

The owner has a wide number of elements to deal with when working around a business, trying to make maximum profits at minimum wastage. Dealing with the likes of suppliers, customers, and middlemen. Ensuring the service or product offered is of the quality promised or expected. And preparing for any contingencies that may arise. These can really sap anyone who has to deal with these activities, often leaving them exhausted at the end of the day. 

And that is why small business owners should take time off.

There’s no denying or debating over the benefits of a vacation. There are tons of advantages of one that can directly help and benefit those who take one. Some advantages of taking a vacation are:


There’s no denying of what can easily be considered a straight fact. A vacation refreshes you and makes you feel better. A change of place, change of weather, new people, new experiences and a host of other factors that influence a vacation. All of these positive experiences will help better impact your mental, physical, and emotional health. So, when it’s time to get back to work, you’ll be more than excited to hit the ropes again. A refreshed mind is more productive when pitted against a tired one. this gives you better results and ensuring you’re at your best. You need to be at your best for your company. But more importantly, for your customers, employees, and yourself too.

Physically helpful

how taking time off is good for your physical health

There’s no denying that regular 9-5’s can mean you’re super exhausted at the end of your day and find no time or energy to exercise. Things only get worse when you’re the owner of your own business. You don’t have any set timetable and can have extremely long working hours. This can happen when you’re trying to get the business set up and are working hard to find your north. Your physical health takes a hit as a result of such a hectic schedule. You end up falling prey to all kinds of ailments that arise from lack of exercise. The hours of being huddled over a laptop trying to get all those presentations right are not good for long-term health. A vacation lets you break free from this “trap”. This It lets you take time to let loose and work on your physical health.


There are always ways to get more physical exercise done even without going on vacations though. 150 minutes per week of moderate to intense exercise is what’s recommended. This recommendation comes from The American Heart & Stroke Association. Upping this to 300 minutes per week will add even more health benefits.

Personally, when I’m walking around the city to get exercise, I take about twice that time to get in my “Heart Points”. These, according to Google Fit is considered to be moderate exercise. I walk slightly faster than the average person. 5kmph is the average walking speed, I usually walk 6-7. So, to get my 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, I need to go on roughly a 40 minute walk each day. Obviously, in the nice weather, this is quite easy. This could be accomplished by simply walking at least 1 way to work if you live close enough. You can take public transit back if it’s more than a 40-minute walk one way. But, I encourage you to walk both ways even if it’s over 40 minutes each way. That’s because you’ll likely reach the next threshold of 300 moderate exercise minutes per week (80 minutes per day).

You can squeeze in some extra exercise by getting off a few bus stops early, taking the stairs, and parking at the back of the lot. This is of course if you’re still working a 9to5 or if you have your own office. The goal if this blog is to get you away from the 9 to 5, but that takes time.

According to a recent study, having a standing desk at work is crucial for your health. The study came up with a health-conscious schedule. For every 30 minutes working, 20 should be sitting, 8 standing, and 2 moving. You easily convert a standing desk in seconds to reflect how you want to work. To get your 2 minutes of moving, you can simply walk a lap across your home, office, or go get a drink of water.

Mentally helpful

why taking time off is good for your mental health

While the refreshing aspect explains why a vacation is important, the idea about its mental advantages isn’t made as loud and clear as it should be. Mental exhaustion is a real thing and is rather tricky to deal with. The aforementioned point of how we’re too exhausted to work out after we’re done working all day is closely linked to mental exhaustion. Working behind a desk doesn’t have any impact on the physical attributes to make you feel tired. And the same can get worse when you’re working for days together. A vacation can help reset the mental clock and improve its state. This will help you feel less exhausted and increase your productivity.

Mental health is a serious worldwide problem that affects nearly everyone to a certain extent. Most every person deals with at least minor mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Mental health has become so prevalent in our modern society “thanks” to the 9 to 5 lifestyle. Working more hours, earning less, who wants to be a part of that *** storm? That’s why this blog is brought to you in the first place to help you escape the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Improved interpersonal relationships

why taking time off is good for your relationship

Small business owners taking time off from their busy schedule is important for them to work on relationships with friends and families. Not only does your work need your time, but your family also does too. It’s no secret that the reason behind most business endeavors is to try and make ends meet for the betterment of the family. And it’s going to be a rather futile effort if you spend too much time trying to get stuff to work out and have no family to enjoy it. Obviously, you want to enjoy their company. A vacation is a perfect time to reunite with those you care for. Also, it helps improve relationships that may have otherwise been ignored due to the pressure of having to work extra hard to get the job done.

There’s an old adage to put in the work now and enjoy the benefits later. This is playing with fire though. Hosting a 14-year old’s birthday with a couple of his friends is not the same as when they were 5. Also, going to a 14-year old’s soccer game just doesn’t live up to when they were 5 either. What’s worse, you could spend 100 hours working away and not spending any time with your significant other. Your excuse is “don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to do fun things in retirement”. But your other half could get cancer or die in a car crash. That would be the worst feeling in the world if you barely spent any time with them during the week just to plan for the future.

There is however a way to achieve both. Working for 1-2 hours per night after your kids or partner goes to bed goes A LONG way! Also, make Friday night for your Hunny, Saturday for the kids, and Sunday for yourself so you can work on your business. Slowly but surely, you’ll start bringing in the dollars and eventually around 3-5 years from now you’ll be able to quit your job and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Avoid getting burned out

Burnout is a situation where you’re working so hard that you fail to actually take any breaks at all. Working 70 hours per week when you’re first getting started is expected. But you cannot sustain this in the long-term. Some studies believe humans should be working no more than 30 hours per week. But, coming from somebody who loves what they do for a living I think there’s some important context needed for this belief. Working more than 30 hours per week at a job you hate I agree can be detrimental to your well-being. But I truly believe if you’re doing something you love, working 40-50 hours per week will empower you so much and still give you plenty of time for your family. Being self-employed, you’re able to take vacations essentially whenever you want. Also, creating passive income should always be a goal for yours as well. But, typical burn out can be harmful to your health as the extra stress and hard work can negatively impact your productivity and creativity. This situation is something that can also hit those who work for you. This played out, in the long run, is harmful to the mantra of productivity and efficiency you preach and try to live up to. A good holiday is useful in ensuring that you and your employees get the proper break they need. Thus, when you get back to work, you’re in much better shape and can carry out the tasks without any issues.

Happiness boost

An important factor in life to maintain in order is to stay happy. A vacation boosts the mood. In fact, the very act of planning one and thinking of how it’s going to make you feel happy and excited is great. So much so that the actual holiday itself will only add slightly to the feeling of elation when you’re enjoying it. Just the thoughts of packing, making reservations, preparing everything as needed and the actual spending of the holiday is plenty. It’s more than enough to make you feel relieved and relaxed from whatever it is that you’re doing and enjoy the holiday. Mind you, you can’t just plan a vacation to get the high and then not go on it. This would be very defeating and counterproductive.

Boosts creativity

why taking time off is good for creativity

When you’re someone who has an idea, is the owner of his own business, and is doing all the hard work to bring the idea together, then a holiday is important. Traveling as an entrepreneur is important. You get to see more places, meet new people, and work on improving and increasing your overall horizon. This, in turn, allows you to get deeper ideas. Most entrepreneurs wishe to venture into the world of his own business and do better. That’s why it’s important to socialize more often. A vacation lets you see and know things you would have had no clue even existed. It also opens the gates for more productivity and better creativity. These are both equally important for someone who is trying to expand upon their business and do better.

Getting enough sleep and eating right also boosts creativity. Take the excuse on your vacation of trying out some new types of foods. Who knows? You may find a recipe you want to learn to cook for you and your family. Additionally, a lot of these “internet gurus” will try and tell you that you need to wake up before 5 am and only sleep for 5 hours. This is totally BS and not backed by any science or medical research. All you’re going to do only sleeping for 5 hours is seriously mess up your psyche. Get your 7-9 hours of recommended sleep, you will thank yourself.

Helps inspire

When you’re working from behind a laptop screen or the door of brick and mortar store, you can run out of ideas very quickly. And when you’re setting up a business and trying to get out and be discovered in the world, the inspiration of the right kind is important and rather helpful. When your own ideas dry up and you don’t know what else can be done to improve the current state of affairs, you should understand that it’s a sign that you need to take a break and start to take things slow. A vacation is just what you need to help you get inspired. When you travel to new places and see new things, it sparks up new ideas. These can be helpful to you if you wish to work on improving your business, irrespective of nature.

When you’re feeling uninspired, you have to look at you and your businesses situation objectively vs subjectively. Having this bias-free look from overhead will help you determine what you need to work on more and less. It also helps you know what you need to spend more time in learning too.

A vacation is important for everyone, regardless of what occupation you have. When you’re one who owns a business, you need an extra amount of hard work to keep it running smoothly. This reality makes the importance and significance of going on a holiday increase. While on the surface of it, a vacation may seem more of an expense and less of a valuable asset. Conversely, it’s one of the best things any budding entrepreneur can do for themselves. There are many reasons like previously mentioned such as physical and mental attributes improving relationships and so on to consider. A vacation has exactly what you need to maintain a balanced and positive lifestyle. Take a holiday and give it the importance it deserves.


Why small business owners should take time off is important is because they need it just like any working individual does. Running a small business isn’t like any other job where you’re told what to do and what deadlines to follow. Here, you’re the one passing orders and telling your workforce what to do. And with such great power at your disposal comes even greater risks of exhaustion. In the long run, this can be a negative factor for the whole business idea you have running. Inspiration, creativity, and productivity are all important interlinked factors that need to work in unison to ensure that your business and you are doing well.

It’s important for anyone looking to run an empire successfully to understand that a break every now and then isn’t a bad idea. Whether you’re available around the corner or at the click of a button, every now and then a vacation can help improve your moral and energy. You’ll be given what’s required to come back recharged and rejuvenated to do whatever it is that you need to achieve in the course of your business.

And therefore it’s important for small business owners to take a holiday. 

If hope this post on why small business owners should take time off helped you take action. If you learned something,  share this article with your followers. I’m sure it will be a great read for them.

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